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About Life Using Hamlet Soliloquy & Lance Armstrong

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    How Should Our Society Assign Value To Life? We all live in this world where standards are made and we have to meet them in order to be accepted or to fit in. Although, we all have our own different opinions and ideas of life, we all just try to find ways to be accepted. In my opinion, people should not be assigned whether they are valuable or not in this world. We all play a major role, even if we may not be famous; we still have the ability to make a difference.

    For instance, I always struggle trying to fit in with others. I am constantly going out my way just to be accepted by someone who means everything to me. Every human life is valuable and the value of every human life is equal. In the text, “Hamlet’s soliloquy”, he argues with himself debating whether or not he should be alive or to die. He sees his life as pointless and points out the negative aspects of life. For example, “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes—or to take arms against a sea of troubles. In this phrase, he indicates to let everything go and leave, or to stay and fight whatever obstacles are thrown at you. In the reading, “It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life”, Lance Armstrong tells his story about how valuable life is to him. The quote, “Good strong people get cancer, and they do all the right things to beat it, and they still die. ” This is an example on how many times you have done your best, its sometimes still not enough. But we have to learn to accept the fact that things or people leave for certain reason that remains unknown.

    After surviving cancer, he felt that this was another chance to be someone different or someone better, the old him was gone and this was his chance to start on a second life. “I have a tough constitution, and my profession taught me how to compete against long odds and big obstacles. ” Since Armstrong was a bicyclist, he was constantly facing struggles every time he gets on a bike that leads to how to deal with the cancer situation. This was a big struggle he had to deal with, but still managed to get through every moment of it.

    Life is not about how much money you make or what you own. Life is about creating memories and how to handle the struggles that it has given you. Even though something goes bad, it does not mean your life is horrible or terrible. Your struggle is just another bump in the road, leading you to where you belong. When struggles and troubles come our way, this should give us another chance to better ourselves. Every human life should be equal and mean something value to them.

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