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Lance Armstrong – Review

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Lance Armstrong, one of the world’s most famous cyclists, shares the story of his life, his battle with cancer, and his amazing victory over it.. His road to success was a difficult one, but hard work, perseverance, and lots of training helped him to achieve his dream. He had become one of the best and then, at the age of 25 and on top of the world, he was hit with the diagnosis: testicular cancer. Lance, instead of becoming a victim, chose to be a survivor!
Here is a story of inspiration that will bring tears to your eyes, tears of compassion, joy and triumph.

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Lance Armstrong – Review
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This is one man’s story of incredible challenge of digging down deep for inner resources in managing and conquering cancer. Lance refused to become a statistic and instead rallied and became cancer’s worst enemy. He refused to give in and chose to fight the disease with all that he had. I admire his love and admiration for his mother, who continues to be one of his strengths in his life.

He was fortunate, as well, to have loving friends support throughout his entire ordeal.
The book chronicles the emotional and physical changes Lance undergoes as he triumphs over cancer as well as his emotional coping both during and after. This is a book of true courage and determination.
Lance lives his mother’s inspiration of “make every obstacle an opportunity.” Lance proves that the power of the mind, combined with taking control of one’s disease, seeking different opinions and doctors, and becoming an expert on the topic can help one overcome and conquer cancer.
This book is an excellent poignant and emotional testimony to one man’s faith and determination. This is the story of one man’s journey through triumph, tragedy, transformation, and transcendence. It is the story of Lance Armstrong, the six-time winner of the Tour de France, and his fight against cancer.
Finishing this book, I have nothing but admiration for Lance Armstrong.
It’s not about the bike, or about the sport. It’s about the soul.”


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Lance Armstrong – Review. (2018, Aug 28). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/lance-armstrong-review/

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