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Leadership and Management Essay

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Differences between leadership and management has been an interesting subject matter for a long time for academicians and industrialists alike. John Kotter who is a professor at the Harvard Business classifies these two indifferent content, leadership as a part of management.

“Leadership is, most fundamentally, about changes. What leaders do is create the systems and organizations that managers need, and, eventually, elevate them up to a whole new level or . . .

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Leadership and Management
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change in some basic ways to take advantage of new opportunities.

” (Kotter,J. P. , Capter 1: What is Leadership, Cases in Leadership second edition, p.

) According on this information, a single word management include different concept and leadership is one of its concept. Leadership means ability to influence on other behaviours and acts in order to achieve a certain goal. In multi-national organization, leadership strategy is used by the managers as they want to lead their sub-ordinates to achieve that purpose for which the organization is made for. In any leader, confidence, motivation, better communication system, influencing others, decision making and goal setting characters are essentials as these are the major characters of any leader.

The topic that the essay will cover is the differences between leadership and management, and I will try to answer the question: “Is it possible to manage without leaders” There are several distinctions between thoughts of management and leadership. I believe that effective management ceases to reach its potential without respected leadership. Although leadership and management are necessary ingredients to creating actualized organizations. “Rather, leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary systems of action.

Each has its own func tion and characteristic activities . Both are necessary for success in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment. ” (Kotter, J. P.

(1998). What leaders really do. In Harvard Business Review on leadership, p. 103) Management implements the structures and tasks to create a holistic team of productive employees, while leadership sets the vision and creates an atmosphere where the teams commit to the mission and are encouraged to reach their potential.

Management is more of a hands on approach to ensure leaderships vision and strategy is in congruence with the companies operations. One of the goals of management is to ensure the organization effectively deploys of resources. One of the major goals of leadership is to assist customers and employees to understand the values and mission of the organization while having the responsibility of ensuring those constituencies are committed to the organizations value offering. Kotter (1998) argues that organizations are overmanaged and underled.

However, strong leadership with weak management is no better and may be worse. He suggests that organizations need strong leadership and strong management. Managers are needed to handle complexity by instituting planning and budgeting, organizing and staffing, and controlling and problem solving. Leaders are needed to handle change through setting a direction, aligning people, and motivating and inspiring people.

He argues that organizations need people who can do both—they need leader-managers.I feel that leadership responsibility is to identify what the change initiatives need to be in conjunction with employees, customers and suppliers while management’s responsibility is to ensure effective implementation of those initiatives, however management is an important part in organisation and it controlles leadership and all its responsibilities. According to Senge, profound change initiatives invariability lead people to a heightened sense of meaning and aspiration.Leadership has the responsibility to ensure the opportunity for meaning and aspiration occur within the organization, great leaders strive to continually inspire such.

Management has the opportunity to see to it that meaning and aspiration is actually being achieved while leadership creates the atmosphere for it to thrive. Management challenges the vision of the company, which was created by leadership as to ensure the desired results are being achieved, while leadership identifies continual opportunities for a greater vision. According to Nonaka (quoted from Dance of Change), “A company is not a machine but a living organism.Much like an individual, it can have a collective sense of identity and shared purpose… a shared understanding of what the company stands for”.

Leadership must create opportunities for that shared vision and collective sense of identity to emerge. Leadership can inspire this to happen through management developing initiatives within cross-department relationship building and teamwork building. Management has the responsibility to ensure this takes place while leadership sets the strategy and places the goals high on the corporate agenda. Leadership sets the priorities, while management gets the priorities done.

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