Leadership Case Problem B: Is Margo too Macro?

The theme of this case is that not providing enough guidance, direction, and support to group members can be interpreted negatively by group. 1. To what extent has Margo Sentential chosen the right approach to leading the manager in her unit of the financial services firm? The Interviews conducted by Laura suggest that Margo approach to leadership was meeting with mixed success. Three out of the four professionals Interviewed had strong reservations about Margo laissez-fairer leadership style. What advice can you offer Margo to be a more effective leader? Margo needs to be more observant about the Impact of her approach to leadership. She needs to ferret out how much guidance and support she should be giving the various members of her group. Margo Is not adapting her style to the needs of each member of her group. 3. What advice can you offer Laura to help Margo be a more effective leader? Laura might discuss the feedback she received with Margo, with the perspective of wanting to be helpful rather than accusatory.

She might ask Margo if she (Margo) has gone too far in giving latitude to subordinates. 4. Explain whether or not you think Laura was justified in asking Marco’s direct reports about Marco’s approach to leadership. Laura asked Marco’s permission before conducting her investigation of Margins effectiveness as a leader, an act which may have made her investigation more justified. Nevertheless, Laura did take an extreme measure which will weaken Marco’s credibility within the group.

Perhaps an approach like a 360-degree survey loud have seemed Eke less of an investigation into Marco’s effectiveness. Associated Role Play A point of focus in this role play is how well the person playing the role of Marmot can listen to the problem the manager is experiencing with selling the Index annuities without offering any specific advice. Another focal point of the role play is whether the student playing the role of the manager can get Marmot to be less of a micromanage in this situation. For example, can the student get Marmot to offer specific advice?

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