Learning In The United Kingdom Is A Dream That I Must Achieve

When I found out about the opportunity of learning in the United Kingdom, I have considered that this is a dream that I must achieve. One of my principles is that no matter where you are if you have ambition and faith, certainly you will reach your goal. From childhood all I ever wanted was to treat and support people. In 2003 I have graduated high school in Human Philology at EMIL RACOVITA GALATI and do to the poor circumstances I was not able to go any further.

During my first year in high school my grandfather suffered a terrible accident and lost his life. At this point my family was devastated but most affected was my grandmother, I was watching desperately how her health was deteriorating and how she was losing her faith and her will to live.I remember that I was filling helpless and all I wanted to do was to ease her pain but didn’t know-how.

That is why I have decided to attend the courses of Health and Care Management from Bath SPA University, so I can never feel powerless and be able to help others including my family. I believed that your University is perfect for me because I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any tasks given. I have a lot of work experience which makes responsible and mature and because I always worked in a team and changed several areas of work I developed a good adaptability and communication skills

For the past three years I have been working as a Quality Assistant and Returns for a prestigious company in garments where I was responsible for all the tasks given. My role as a Quality Assistant was to inspect, test, or measure products, recommend adjustments to the assembly, accept or reject finished items, discuss inspection results with those responsible for the garment and monitor operations to ensure that they meet the company standards.

In faulty returns I was responsible for the processing and management of faulty garments from stores, warehouse, online and customer services and do the reports that were required. I am very grateful for the opportunity given to be able to study at your University and improve my knowledge in becoming a capable professional in this domain. The chance to study in your country gives me the perspective of a bright future regarding my future profession which includes international experience and hope in finding a better job.

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