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Legalizing Marijuana Can Help Boost the Economy

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Marijuana is a drug commonly used today by teenagers and young adults. Most people don’t acknowledge marijuana as being a drug. People use marijuana to escape from their problems, while others may use it just for a feeling of relaxation. Although these are not the only reasons people use marijuana, these are two of the most common reasons. Many people try to come up with reasons against the use of marijuana. However, the effects of marijuana are not as harmful as people portray them to be.

According to a journal written by Michael Caputo and Brian Ostrom, more than one-third of the population ages 12 and over have experimented with the drug.

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Legalizing Marijuana Can Help Boost the Economy
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Considering the rapid use of the drug, the legalization of marijuana would give the economy a major boost. There are lots of reasons why some people believe that the government shouldn’t legalize Marijuana. Marijuana contains chemicals that are viewed as harmful. Some may argue that it’s hard to function while under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana is capable of causing short term memory loss, anxiety, and circulation effects which may increase risks of heart attacks and strokes. The use of marijuana can also cause a person to be in a state of paranoia.

For example, a relative simply knocking on the door can be mistaken for the police knocking. Marijuana has an effect on the mind. While these are reasons people may have against the legalization of marijuana, there a many good reasons for it. According to Mr. Caputo and Ostrom, the demand for marijuana has created a multi-billion dollar industry as of 1992. However, because marijuana is illegal, the government receives nothing from this rich industry. It is even safe to say that keeping marijuana illegal, is costing the government money.

It costs money to operate the jails people are placed in when caught with marijuana. Cigarettes and alcohol are just as harmful to the body as marijuana, although neither of the two are deemed illegal. Nearly 10 million Americans are regular users and 20 million smoke occasionally. (pg. 475 of journal found on jstor) Lawmakers could easily place a tax on marijuana and make millions of dollars off of the substance. Legalizing marijuana would also be another source of income for the government which could reduce the amount of money taxpayers pay, and could possibly create more jobs which would also boost the economy.

Most Americans today may feel as if there are no real dangerous effects or serious crime in using marijuana. While others feel that marijuana is extremely dangerous and should remain illegal. Marijuana is a drug commonly used by teens and young adults. Seeing that about 30 million Americans use the drug either on a daily basis or socially, making the drug legal can only work for the better. Legalizing marijuana can help boost a suffering economy.

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Legalizing Marijuana Can Help Boost the Economy. (2017, Jan 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/legalizing-marijuana-can-help-boost-the-economy/

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