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Boost Juice Bars ( Boost. 2014 ) is an Australian nutrient and drink trade name. which was formed in 2000 with the first shop located in the capital metropolis in the South portion of Australia- Adelaide. This nutrient and drink concern has been done good since the concern has been expanded globally in Asia. Europe. and Russia and even in Middle East. Unfortunately. Boost Juice Bars stopped portion of concern in New Zealand in 2006 after the franchiser due to settlement. The shops in New Zealand are sold to Tank Juice.

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After a twelvemonth contemplation. Boost Juice Bars signed an understanding to restart the trade name in the UK. Nestle began a scope of fruit smoothies in co-operating with Boost Juice Bars since 2008 as so to spread out internationally. From this clip forth until July 2009. there have been shops runing in Australia. and some topographic points in Asia. The Franchising contracts have been confirmed in Asia and Europe as portion of a planetary enlargement program. Following by the following four old ages. Boost Juice got into a franchise understanding for supplying the major supply to the whole India. By the terminal of 2013. the company had expanded into South America and some topographic points in Asia.

Literature Review

The selling scheme ( Lusch. 1987 ) is collected from market research and merchandise mix. in order to maximise the largest net income and keep the stableness of the concern. The selling scheme is basic basis of a selling program. The selling program ( Lusch. 1987 ) focuses on the thought of invention by utilizing trade name new selling mix to aim the possible clients in the market. Most rivals are peddling similar merchandises. Between Rivals have strong competitions. One of the cardinal competencies is the advanced thought about new juice. The image of Boost Juice is the design of making fresh. juvenile and healthy subject. so as to allure more immature people.

Rival may double Boost Juice Bar’s goods and program ; nevertheless. the royalty of trade name is of import. Even if Boost Juice Bar is glad with its present selling run to keep its clients for case the Vibe nine plan which the buyer could obtain a cup of free of charge drink on their birthday. It is intelligent to do certain if clients have less involvement in Boost Juice or their consciousness sing to the weak trade name image. The life rhythm in different phase or timeline is necessary to gauge the right selling mix to beef up some customer’s penetration. It is necessary to guarantee to remain in customer’s head.

Boost Juice Bar has a vernal and wellness image. the market section set on the immature coevals. Unfortunately. it is prudent to travel back over its market sections. Inspecting the possibility on attractive force from people age 18 until 25 is the most important. as this group of people far more concerned their wellness and nutrition. in order to hold a longer life anticipation. Young people sometimes are hypnotized because of Boost cup’s design and even Vibe nine Program ( Boost Juice. 2014 ) . Yet. to the full adult clients tend to see more on royalty of merchandises whether benefits can be gained. Fresh and nutrition can offer critical benefit for organic structure.

Executive SummaryThe advertisement and publicity are cardinal with merchandise distinction.

Modernization is a cardinal scheme that Boost Juice should across into its cup’s design and selling publicity. Boost utilized a trade name new method to link fresh squeezed juice and nutrition together for the immature coevals. For the immature people. they prefer to seek new and particular merchandise ; encouragement Juice has done excellence. Fortunately until now. Boost has been utilizing the same type of selling tools more than five old ages. including promotion. media coverage and synergistic web site to stand for the trade name. One of the possible problems of Boost Juice Bar may be confronting is its old selling message to its mark audience or clients.

This is the chief issue if clients still have strong cohesiveness to lodge the old message to Boost Juice Bar’s trade name. Hence. Boost Juice Bar re-think about its end clients. Boost besides re-plans its selling tools to the nonsubjective clients. However now. Boost is necessary to pay more attendings by utilizing a popular selling method. known as E- Marketing. such as Facebook and Twitters. The societal media have been moving a considerable map in many companies. including little and big houses. The selling mix is now really utile for understanding Boost Juice’s mark client. immature coevalss.

Merchandise Scope

Harmonizing to the study I collected in a shop at Macquarie Shopping Centre. the merchandises of Boost Juice Bar chiefly focus on wellness and nutrition. The undermentioned classs are the merchandise scope.

1. Smooth – Low fat smoothies.2. Juice – squeezing from fresh fruit.3. Complementary Product – healthy bites ( Fresh yogurt and muesli saloon ) .4. Merchandise in supermarket – juice. frozen yogurt. and ready- to- eat bite ( such as Low fat crunchy )

Situation AnalysisInternational Environment Analysis

The chief intent of Boost making this analysis is to calculate out the defect and and strength. Boost Juice Bar has established a questionnaire on its web site to happen out the acumen and insight factors. in order to maximize the net income.

Marketing Situation

When started the investing of Boost Juice Bar ( Boost Juice. 2014 ) . the laminitis and Managing Director Janine Allis targets an advanced manner of offering juice in the Australian market. The new sort of juice bars have to be unlike from the long-established food market shop manner juice. every bit good as the thought of juice bars in the US existed for more than 15 old ages. Earlier than Boost Juice existed. there were over 2000 juice bars in the US. Janine had an penetration to believe that Boost Juice would hold the capacity to hold more than 500 subdivisions. Harmonizing to an interview with one of the shop directors of Macquarie Shopping. since 2000. Boost Juice Bar was the lone one trade name that had the most and biggest enlargement in Australia. Boost has had around 90 shops in 2004. At the same twelvemonth they qualified the figure 2 prima trade name VIV A Juice. which means maintaining the fresh and good quality fruits. After the combination in 2000. Hike had entire about 124 shops.

Presents. Boost Juice Bar has farther 300 shops worldwide. Boost Juice Bar is successful on its imaginative constructs with healthy and good gustatory sensation. The fruits are squeezed into juice and smoothy for being a peculiar merchandise. The original and normal manners of ruddy and green coloring material give client the idea of the merchandise which is good for wellness. This is really strong trade name acknowledgment. Positive and energetic staffs serve the juice with bright smiling ; even speak out customer’s name aloud. These can coerce Boost to be peculiar with the other rivals. The merchandise and gross revenues are immensely generated to organize a immature and create active temper to pull younger. Aside from the customer’s royalty plan ( Boost Juice. 2104 ) . Vibe Club card can maintain keep every bit many as clients Boost can. for case the members of Vibe nine card could acquire a cup of unpaid drink on their birthdays.

Management Situation

Before the development of Boost Juice. Janine Allis was a Journalist ; the work experience offered cherished familiarity on concern pattern. in peculiar direction. Furthermore. her hubby. Jeff Allis worked in a wireless station that a platform enables Janine to hold better understanding on Boost’s mark audiences. The background of Jeff has in wireless industry enables them to utilize selling tools for publicity ( WR. 1956 ) . Boost Juice acquired VIV A Juice Bar in 2004. they employed VIVA Juice Bar’s Godhead Simon McNamarra being CEO. from another juice industry ( Boost Juice. 2014 ) .

An excess factor could non be uncared is franchise system for spread outing its shops. The franchising system allowed Boost to enlarge at a comparative little cost whereas franchisees had to put for installing for each store. Actually. this helped Hike with the economic emphasis ; meanwhile the joint fee of each store has to blast out to the caput office each twelvemonth so that Boost has net incomes by supply the stuff and charge stores from disposal fees. This is a steady capital from the caput office that could pay out on the publicity and advertisement.


Branding place

The subject of Boost Juice Bar was healthy and nutrition nutrient ( Boost Juice. 2014 ) . provided to clients. Boost has to present this message to people that wellness is really of import now. The mainly focal point is non merely gustatory sensation and healthy drink. but besides forms an active and fresh image. By assorted run. included off-lines or even online through the full twelvemonth. Boost Juice received strong heed in the populace such as Poster and advertizement on Television.

External Environment Analysis

In fact. the old juice industry has been at the adulthood phase. since many juice stores had to convent into food market shops for stay alive. Even though Boost created advanced thought of healthy juice drinks. happened from its first store in south side of Australia- Adelaide. the smoothies juice saloon are about to get at the phase of adulthood. The external state of affairs analysis concerned the external chance and menaces that might act upon the juice concern. The menaces included altering in society. human ecology and civilization. alteration in economic system and engineering. competitor’s activities. and regulation and regulative.

For the clip being. the direct rivals of Boost have less action against to its market portion. Actually. rivals could double any of Boost’s merchandises. but they are non plenty to manage Boost Juice’s branding placement. The jobs may be arisen from the chief location in the concern countries that the territory of Boost Juice’s retail store could non achieve. This provides an chance for the little rivals. For the alteration influence in cultural and society. people are far more anxiousness on their wellness. they care about the sum of nutrition.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths:1. Product’s development.2. Strong limelight on publicity ( publicizing run )3. High client royalty4. Inventions5. well-built ability to associate with clientsFailings:1. Heavy dressed ore on promotional activities lead to high selling cost2. Gross saless decline evidently in winter clip3. Lack of farther development in merchandise in recent twelvemonthOpportunity:1. Without robust rivals straight2. Health wittingMenaces:1. Many traffic circle rivals started selling smoothies merchandises. 2. Customers may hold less involvement over the clip changed.

Marketing Cleavage

Harmonizing to the study I collected from Macquarie Shopping Centre shop. there are some possibilities of mark clients of Boost Juice. including regular families market. immature. adolescent. and healthy diet feeders. Boost demand to analyze and develop merchandises to run into the stratification from assorted customers’s demands and wants. Housewifes in regular family market purchase juice for their households weekly or monthly. The juice merchandise is necessary to be healthy. high in vitamin and fresh for the household. For the immature people with age about between from 18 until 25. some of them prefer fine-looking packaging to run into their thought that “perfect and exciting eat” .

Some of them would get down to believe of comparatively healthy manner. which is supportive to their organic structures. The cup’s design of Boost is wholly fit for those two above types of people. For adolescent with age between 15 and 18. they expected the juice drink non merely tasty but besides merriment and attractive. They are likely to purchase the prestigiousness other than the existent merchandise. The good gustatory sensation smoothies drink and nice-looking bundle of merchandise is the of import keys to this group of clients. For healthy diet feeders. they would look profoundly to the ingredients of merchandises. They will look at the quality of merchandise more than the design and visual aspect of the merchandise.

Marketing Aims

The selling aims are incorporating marketing communicating run. the selling aims of Boost Juice Bars could are aim clients with aged between 25 and 35. which has higher ability of income to devour better quality merchandises. every bit good as engage with new client and retain the current 1s by the societal web.


The selling agenda of Boost consisted publicity and advertisement. braining new thoughts on a regular basis. and seeking new clients through synergistic plan to link with clients.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is about what to utilize unlike selling tools to run into the end ( WR. 1956 ) . Normally. Marketing Mix is the mix of 4Ps ( Lee. 2009 ) . 4Ps are about the characteristics of merchandises ; Price is how to put up the monetary value scheme ; publicity. such as advertisement and public relationship ; and topographic point such as locations which is really critical in retail concern. Product distinction was really important ( WR. 1956 ) . so advanced demands can be often carried out. Those factors were fraction of a general strategy of fight. Bing the most recognized smoothies in the market for over 11 old ages. clients who love seeking new things ; invention could keep clients. In order to make a Centre of attending of the new age degree of clients from 24-35. Television commercial is important to do consciousness to people. The alternate factor is societal Network. such as Facebook. None of people deny such societal media became the most popular selling tool for companies to interact with their mark audiences. Boost Juice should post more stations on Facebook and uploading up the “Today’s specials” on Twitter history.

By non merely using those as a phase to maintain contact with clients. but Boost besides update customer’s demands for betterment. Boost’s mark market are chiefly immature people within 15 and 25. the rate of utilizing societal media is highly high. The cost should be demonstrated efficaciously by utilizing free media beginning. such as Facebook’s Page and composing web log. One of the 4Ps – topographic point. this can besides be location. As reference before. Boosts are largely shacking in the high measure of clients in concern countries. These perfectly make attending more on clients ; nevertheless. the cost of job is really high. Hence. this do non carry through as many customer’s wants as possible. The possible attack in the topographic point is particular designon public conveyance. such as mini coach and cab. which is like construct to Munch Lunch Van. Customers have to give a call for service in progress.

The nomadic new wave can travel to the topographic point where store is non nearby. Making the juice concern. Boost should handle each product’s monetary value as a criterion. A monetary value cut may do low quality for guaranting the quality of merchandise offered. On the other manus. the cause of Boost Juice has reasonably high proportion of selling outgo and renting cost. Hence. Boost tried to supply more benefits to clients. For illustration. free drink to apportion on street for publicity. The monetary value price reduction could be offered in the curative manner. Something like buy 2 gets 1 free or elephantine size can enlarge the gross revenues for net income border.

Product Differentiation and the Product Life Cycle

In a market. there are many companies are all doing related merchandises ; merchandise distinction is a existent attack to analyze ( WR. 1956 ) . Refer to an academic diary ( GS. 1981 ) . extended mention have been made ; Armstrong. Brown and Adam had pointed out mentions elaborate points. The merchandise life rhythm illustrates the change of a merchandise from development and popularity. follow by adulthood and even worsen ( GS. 1981 ) . Hike illustrates the mentality of its concern through merchandise life rhythm. in order to maintain the place in the market and maximize the net income. The 4Ps comprise ( Internal Marketing. 2004 ) the Product to understand product’s particular and sole characteristics. Price is mentioning to pricing program ) . Promotion is about how to allow people cognize the merchandise. such as advertisement and public relation. and Place is about distribution that the quality merchandise allocated to different subdivisions. The subdivision with more clients should hold more beginnings to bring forth more merchandises.

Measures of Success

Harmonizing to an interview with a trade name director. the selling research company called ACNielsen. which has been working in the country of media. amusement. finance. and cordial reception. revealed Boost Juice operated several states and served assortment of industries. adjust Boost’s needs to mensurate its selling result. The professional research of companies provided definite position of what is traveling to be happened. It has a taking of function in sharing of information in Television commercial. The methods of roll uping informations consisted retail prognosis. consumer panels. and marketing investigate. Besides common work included selling in goods. mold and analytics. determination marker. and trading goods.


Social media is now being a new selling tool to keep with clients sooner. Boost Juice maintain invention as the chief type of competency. A qualitative survey is necessary to travel toward with Boost Juice that the audience is necessary to acknowledge the right position.


For being successful. Boost Juice can non be described as lucky. When it comes to the laminitis Janine Allis’ passion in supplying healthy and alimentary drink to this state. she is smart to aim on the trade name placement to the right mark clients by utilizing the right selling tools. In overall. Boost is still holding big room for turning. unluckily. over the clip passed by. the external environment. such as mark clients are altering. Partss of fans have already become mature. Boost Juice Bar have to be more advanced trade with the job of market alteration to continue bing clients and pull more new clients.

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