Life-Long Learning Assignment

Self-directed learning allows individuals to control the process of their learning. One may be given a general goal and a timeframe; however, one has control of how the goal is accomplished. Moving on, lifelong learning can arise outside of educational institutions as it is focused on individual development. Lifelong learning allows one to tackle their curiosity to learn things such as; a skill, a new language, how to play a certain sport or other topics. Pursing lifelong goals builds self-confidence and opens future opportunities.

My personal plan for self-directed learning is to stay ahead of the courses I take in University. For the courses I have this semester which have a timeframe from September 4, 2019 until December 20, 2019, I plan to take a strategic approach in order to achieve the highest possible grade I can attain. Using this approach, I will work smart and only read material that will be tested on and spend time practicing past exams. Once first semester is completed, through self-assessment I will be able to work out how I would change my approach for next semester.

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Furthermore, my lifelong learning goal is to learn the basics and fundamentals of basketball and eventually become a trainer by 2032. In order to accomplish this goal, I must first learn and master the fundamentals of basketball this year. From their I can participate in open court shootarounds and play in small tournaments to improve my game while completing my degree. Once I graduate in 2023, I will workout with a personal trainer once a week, which will take my game to another level. After two years of workouts with my trainer, I will participate in semi-professional leagues to continue to build on my game. Once I turn 30 in 2030, I will adapt into a teaching role by coaching house league basketball teams for two seasons. With that experience I will start to personally train youth in 2032.

Ontario’s PEAK program is not enough for engineers to engage in continuous professional development. First and foremost, the PEAK program should be mandatory as all other provinces in Canada have a mandatory program set in place. Having a mandatory program will ensure all engineers are regulated and insure they are protecting public safety. Second, there should be knowledge modules on the principles of law in the PEAK program because it is very important and sometimes there are changes or additional laws established. Lastly, as in British Columbia; all knowledge modules including the ethics module should have a mandatory grade of 100% in order for the module to be completed. This will ensure all engineers have a complete understanding of all concepts discussed in the required modules.

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