Online Learning vs Traditional Classroom Learning

Online Classes vs. Traditional Classroom Learning Students are finding it much easier to maintain a job, a family, and pursue a college career at the same time. This has been made possible with the option of online classes. While some students find it easier to continue education with online classes, others still prefer to learn in a traditional classroom. Many debates arise between online learning vs. classroom learning such as time, communication, and availability of course materials.

Time is one of the main issues that many people face when deciding to go to college. Trying to find time to make money, spend time with your family, and take classes to do something better with one’s life for them and their family can be quite stressful. Someone who does not work may not have an issue with time and fitting classes into their schedules; but if they have a full time job to work around, online classes may be the best option. With the option of online classes, they can make their own schedule and do their courses on their own time.

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Perhaps on their lunch break from work, while their family is sound asleep at night or on the weekends if they have a Monday-Friday work schedule. Communication is an important factor to consider when deciding which type of learning is best. Personal interaction when communicating is much better to understand than trying to read and make sense of discussions on the Internet. With personal interaction a student can ask a question and get an immediate answer, as well as have discussions with others back and forth with immediate questions, answers, and opinions.

With online discussion boards, communication can be very hard to interpret and be very easily misunderstood. Also, with online discussions, one has to wait for someone to reply to an answer, and the answer may be short and not what they were looking for. Communication is very important when learning; therefore I believe one on one in a traditional classroom would be the best option if one’s unsure of how well they can pick up on things and teach themselves by information given through online classes.

Now days, most people have computers and Internet in their home for easy and fast accessibility to be able to have online classes. Some students, particularly older students, may not have computers and the Internet or may not know exactly how to work a computer to access online classes. If one has easy access to all course materials needed for an online class and are confident with how to use them, online classes can be a breeze for them. If you type slowly, don’t know how to use programs on the computer, or if you just don’t have easy access to a computer; traditional learning would be the best option.

Choosing between the two can be very challenging for someone who really wants to further their education, but has to juggle many different things in life along with school. The debate between online learning and traditional learning for a student will depend on the person’s personal life. A student with a full time job, a family, and a computer of their own, will most likely choose online classes as opposed to finding time to fit classes into their schedule and then have to take time to sit in the classroom to learn.

A student, who does not have a full time job, family, or a computer of their own, may find it more convenient to take traditional classroom courses. There are students who may not have a full time job or family, but have access to a computer and will still choose to take online courses. Also, there will be students who have a family and job, with no computer or knowledge of how to use one; therefore, they have to pick traditional classroom learning.

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