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Life To Live- Part 1

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Many have dwelled up on the subject, each has its own perspective. The perspective gets generated from the experience and what they say life is an experience; then how to live life; does that mean one should get guidded by others experiences; the problem is each one may observe differently the same event, each will have different data base to add to the observation and make perception. It deduces to a point that the experinces of others may not be the perfect way to lead life.

The question arises are we looking for the perfect life? or at least targetting for the perfect life. If yes then why? what is perfect around us. Probably nothing. Imperfection brings the scientific concept of entropy. and entropy always increases. When we get confused in the jorgans, we rush to so called spritual gurus. Each one has large following; larger the following greater is the guru one thinks and this thought brings more and more to the guru and he becomes greater and greater.

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Life To Live- Part 1
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You may notice the irony in the above statement ; the guru is becoming greater not because of his deeds but because we are following others to join him. It means that we make our lives get carried away by such many phenomenon ocurring most of them naturally and so frequently that we even do not even notice. One tends to stop here; reason when he does not know what affects him how will he make amends. At this point one decides to let life move naturally which takes him to a theory of destiny. We all know that bthis small word has been deliberated over the centuries and commentries have been made but do we have finally the accepted thought; whether it is true. In this context Gita tries to explain ” leave every thing to me and only do the karma, but karmas were done by Kauravs also then why the different result. Result is dependent up on type of karma Krishna says and that result should be left to him. It means the result is destiny. And if the destiny is pre decided then karmas get guided. It means we are not.

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