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Lincoln: Democratic or Autocratic

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“Lincoln was one of the most democratic and besides one of the most bossy of presidents. ”

Abraham Lincoln was a really democratic president. He believed in the Union and would make anything to maintain it together after the sezession of the South that followed his election as president. However. to recover the entireness of the Union. he had to do some hazardous determinations that may hold labeled him as autocratic. The fact that he was both democratic and bossy is valid for the most portion.

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Lincoln: Democratic or Autocratic
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However. the intent of his oppressive actions was to continue the Union.

Lincoln could be seen as democratic through his relentless thrust to salvage the Union. After his election in 1860. the deep South seceded from the Union off of the belief that their rights were being violated. Then. following the events at Fort Sumter. the remainder of the South seceded. Lincoln did everything in his power to seek and recover peace in the state and salvage the Union from devastation.

He stuck with the war for four long and bloody old ages while the Army of the Potomac was invariably fighting with licking. If George McClellan had won the presidential term. there would be negotiated peace. War would non hold been sought out to convey back the southern provinces. Alternatively. there would be no warrant that the South would even return to the Union. In add-on. Lincoln did non believe in bondage. Even though he was still racist towards black. he saw the obvious immorality of the constitution. He fought for their freedom through his Emancipation Proclamation. which stated that all slaves in the Confederacy were free from their Masterss. Lincoln fought for the saving of the Union. a symbol of equality and democracy. He would protect it at any cost. With that. he besides freed the slaves in the United States. which supported the thought of democracy he felt he needed to protect.

Although Lincoln was a adult male of the people. he could besides be considered as bossy. But his oppressive determinations and actions were non made for desire of power. He made them out of democratic purposes. Lincoln suspended the Writs of Habeas Corpus in the country between Washington and Philadelphia. a bold move on his portion. The Supreme Court even ruled this action unconstitutional. but Lincoln ignored it. Without seting much thought into it. this does look unjust and unconstitutional. Put it was wartime. and non all the same regulations apply. Lincoln made this determination for the benefit of the war attempt. There were rabble onslaughts on Union military personnels go throughing through Baltimore. so by suspending the writs. civilians back uping the Confederacy could be arrested and held without a test. In add-on. Lincoln expanded the size of the Union Army without congressional approvement. But of class. this was critical to the war. since this action allowed the North to outnumber the South.

Besides. the Emancipation Proclamation was considered unconstitutional by some. Lincoln pushed this act through that would liberate all the slaves in the Confederate district without the ballot from the provinces it would impact. But Lincoln’s concluding behind this was that by doing the war about bondage. it would forestall England and France from fall ining the battle. for if they did. it would be a lost cause for the North. In add-on to this. Lincoln hoped that the free inkinesss would supply further problem for the South. Not merely would the freedom for all the South’s inkinesss wholly shake their economic system. they could besides fall in the battle for their freedom. Lincoln did many things in widening his executive power that may hold been seen as oppressive and bossy. but the ground he made these determinations was to protect and continue the Union as a symbol and theoretical account of democracy.

Abraham Lincoln was clearly democratic as he fought to keep the Union as a whole. He was besides the 1 responsible for the freedom of African Americans. And even though he did take some bossy action during his presidential term. it ever had some benefit for the war attempt. whether it was interrupting the Southern economic system to do the Eunectes murinus program work quicker. or to confine Confederate sympathisers in the Union. Without Lincoln’s bold behaviour. the war would ne’er hold been won. Without him. the Union would be broken.

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