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To ensure objective opinion, all the logos are separated in order and then consolidated for final review. Make sure you view each one individually in order. There are 2 new styles with various modifications. Although I didn’t use Nancy’s exact idea, but the motif she tried to bring out did give more ideas that I did incorporate (the notepad and star).

Also, the homepage comp is up. This is in no way finalized, but just to give a better sense of what it might look and feel like. Some of the advertisements are probably going to be moved or put into another page (it might be too flashy) but keep in mind that the homepage would be vertically longer and therefore a lot less busy than it looks now. The main focus right now is the 4 main components of the web site: Specials, Business Services, General Catalog, and Promotional & Print.

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Specials: this section would include all the discounts we have to offer; bulk discounts, weekly specials, office must haves, Kramer solutions, referral discounts, 1st time buyer discounts… the whole point is to create a center of information for all those bargain hunters on the web, while enticing those visitors who are thinking about it to actually go and make an.

Business Services: This is the key section to the whole site. After much research on search engine placement and marketing in general, it became very evident that something like this is necessary if this web site is going to float. In short, we want to create an informational (by informational I mean articles, research that we have done, any resources that a business owner might be interested in, lists of links that he might like… things like that, but there is really no limit) web site for the business owner and purchasing agent as well as an e-commerce site specializing in office products.

We can utilize this section to develop doorway pages (web pages and articles geared towards top ranking in a specific search engine). Since it is information useful to the customer, either he will bookmark it, write the address down for later return, or remember it. If the information is useful enough to him, he might even go tell all his friends about it, and word of mouth is exponentially better than any other form of.

Link lists, with resources that would be of interest to the visitor, would help us get better search engine rankings, plus we can create strategic alliances with other web sites so that our web site is listed on their link lists and there is on our list. Psychologically, these lists play a double role. One, they have the effect of putting confidence in the mind of the visitor, and two, if the links were helpful, the visitor will come back to check them out in more detail, which means more website traffic that repeats, and thus gives us a better opportunity to sell items.

We can plug as many different resources in as we want, anything from the info about venture capitalism to info about public speaking (this is the part where we need as much help as we can get…any ideas anyone might have, please don’t be afraid to put it on the table…everything counts).

General Catalog: I don’t have to explain much here If there are any other clarifications that need to be made, please ask. I am hoping to get a logo and the general website components approved by tomorrow (Wed) evening, that way production on the actual web site can begin and we are still keeping pace with our goals. I wish to expect everyone to throw in some feedback… Reply To All, that way we all get to see what’s on the table.

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