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Boulder Site Inspection Report

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Boulder Site Inspection Report

TO:      Stan West

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Boulder Site Inspection Report
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            Westan Builders, Inc.

CC:     Anja Wiederhausen

Auto Wash Inc,

Dayton Ohio

Re:      Inspection


The Boulder of the project for High Gear Car and Truck Rentals (HGTCR) was inspected last May 9.  Following the inspection several items were found to be in contradiction with some terms in the contract drawn.  Westan Builders, Inc. was not able to follow the required measurement for the cable troughs and concrete edges that were just constructed were found with rough edges.

  Equipment delivered by Auto Wash, Inc. was lacking a cable wire and some items such as lamps and hook-up seals were found damaged.  Possibility of robbery should be looked into.

Details from inspection of construction work

 Two piles of gravel and soil, broken pieces of wood, shards of metal, lunch bags and drink containers, and other construction debris were found scattered about the site.
Roughness of concrete edges that were constructed was found in about 20% of the work accomplished.

Actual troughs measure a depth of ranging from only 1 3/8 in. to 1 ¾ in. and a width ranging from 1 5/8 in. to 2 1/8 in. as opposed to the requirement stated in the contract.   Cable and wire troughs should be at least 1 5/8 inches deep and 2 inches wide.
A late fine of $500 per day will be enforced if the revisions are not finished by noon of May 12.
Suggestions for completion of contracted work by Westan Builders

Number of workers that will be assigned to revision and modification tasks should depend on the difficulty of the task.  All adjustment tasks should be done at the same time. If the digging out of the troughs is the most difficult task, assign more workers to do this.  Majority of the revision work is on fixing the cable and wire troughs between the entry control box and computer control unit.  Troughs should be widened and deepened accordingly.   Add about a half inch in both width and height.  The remaining work includes checking the concrete edges for rough parts and cleaning out the construction debris found along the premises of the site.  Sanding of the concrete edges should take relatively small amount of time and workers assigned to this task can then proceed to removing the construction debris afterwards.

Details resulting from inspection of equipment

Most of the Auto Wash, Inc. equipment was found acceptable.
300-foot roll of No. 22 AWG cable was missing from the site.
Outer seal covering of a 150-foot roll of No. 10 hook-up wire is lost and sections of the wire have been ripped off.
Bulbs are missing from red-and-green “stop/go” lamps while cover lenses are found to be cracked.
Suggestions for equipment of Auto Wash

Determine whether the missing item, an AWG cable has not been delivered or has been found missing from the site after delivery.  The broken lamp lenses and hook-up wires should be examined for cause of breakage.  Verify from the delivery reports, the dates of delivery and names of personnel in charge of the particular delivery.  Have the item delivered if it was not delivered in the first place.  Ask for replacement of broken items if breakage was proved to be due to mishandling during delivery.  Consider a possibility of theft. This is highly probable because of the cut hook-up wires and missing seals.  If AWG cable has been delivered, include this in the investigation.


HGTCR, Auto Wash and Westan Builders are partners in providing this outstanding service.  Each party should work hand-in-hand with the others in order to make this installation a successful one. To ensure that the client High Gear Car and Truck Rentals (HGTCR) is happy, revision of the work should be done with meticulousness.  It is required of Westan Builders, Inc. to complete the revision work before the given deadline.  Equipment should be handled with care by Auto Wash, Inc. before and during delivery and by Westan Builders, Inc. at any time after that.  Should a theft or any foul play be confirmed, party involved would have to bear the consequences.


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