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Mainframe Computer Flash Card



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    placing a monitor at least 12″ from the eyes
    All of the following are ways to avoid injuries when working on computers EXCEPT ________.
    Inkjet printers and laser printers are examples of ________ printers.
    operating system
    Apple’s OS X and Microsoft Windows are examples of ________ software.
    Mainframe computer
    Which of the following computers is large, expensive and supports many simultaneous users and manages large amounts of data?
    Which of the following is the smallest unit of measure?
    In binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each special symbol is made up of a unique combination of eight ________.
    All of the following are names for a flash drive EXCEPT ________ drive.
    An Apple iPad and a Microsoft Surface are examples of ________ computers.
    Each of these is a basic type of a touch screen, EXCEPT ________.
    A keyboard and mouse are examples of ________ devices.
    A(n) ________ CPU has two processing paths, allowing it to process more than one instruction at a time.
    screen resolution
    The number of pixels displayed on the screen is known as ________.
    liquid crystal display (LCD)
    The most common type of monitor is a(n) ________.
    Which of the following optical storage media has the greatest storage capacity?
    All of the following are examples of nonvolatile storage EXCEPT ________.
    ________ printers either melt a wax based ink on regular paper or by burning dots on specially coated paper.
    Universal serial bus (USB)
    Which port is the most common port used to connect input and output devices?
    network interface card (NIC)
    A ________ enables your computer to connect to other computers or to the Internet.
    ________ is the abbreviation for the place in the computer where the programs and data the computer is currently using are temporarily stored.
    ________ computers are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as a car.
    The ________ contains the central electronic components of the computer.
    A(n) ________ is an input device that looks like a pen.
    ________ is concerned with the design and arrangement of machines and furniture to avoid uncomfortable or unsafe experiences.
    A(n) ________ is where a peripheral device can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system.
    Which computer port transmits audio and video without the need for compression?
    RAM is a ________ storage location.
    Flash drives plug into a(n) ________.
    USB port
    Computers use ________ language consisting of 0s and 1s.
    The area that holds all the startup instructions the computer needs to start is the ________.
    cloud storage
    Dropbox is an example of ________.
    mainframe computer
    supports many users and programs simultaneously.
    performs complex calculations rapidly. they are designed to execute a few programs as quickly as possible.
    embedded computer
    specially designed computer chip that resides in another device, is self-contained, and has its own programming.
    RAM (random access memory)
    stores the programs and data the computer is currently using.
    erased when you turn off the computer, so it is volatile storage.
    ROM (read only memory)
    nonvolatile storage, which means the data isn’t erased when the power is turned off.
    stores startup instructions
    uses solid-state flash memory, storing information on an internal memory chip
    optical drives
    read from and write to CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. Data is saved as pits burned into the disc by a laser.
    order of optical storage
    “brains” of the computer because it controls all the functions performed by the computer’s other components and processes all the commands issued to it by software instructions.
    hard drive
    your computer’s primary device for permanent storage of software and documents.
    connectivity port
    gives access to networks and the Internet

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