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The endocrine system flash card

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    Question Answer
    What is the function of the nervous system? To coordinate all actions of the body.
    The function of a neuron allows electrical energy in the body to be transformed into ________ energy to send nerve impulses from one neuron to another. Chemical
    List the 2 types of stimuli and give an example of each. external, example: a loud noise,
    internal, example: a virus that makes you sick
    List the 3 major divisions of the brain and what they control. cerebrum – logical thinking and creativity
    cerebellum – voluntary tasks, balance and muscle coordination
    brain stem – involuntary tasks
    A ________ is the space between the axon tips of one neuron and the dendrite of another neuron and allows a nerve impulse to travel to the next neuron. _synapse
    The nervous system has two major divisions. List the 2 divisions and their structures. Central Nervous System – brain and spinal cord
    Peripheral Nervous System – All other nerves outside the CNS
    Sense organs, such as the _______, ears, touch, nose, and tongue, belong to the ______________ system. Their primary function is to provide ________________ to the body about the outside world. eyes, nervous, information
    _________ is the term used to describe the constant state of the internal environment. The body strives to maintain a level state and is constantly adjusting. The regulation is controlled through both the ______ and ____________ systems. Homeostasis, Nervous, Endocrine
    The function of the ______________ system is to produce chemicals called ___________ that control both daily activities, long-term changes and mood. Endocrine, Hormones
    What is negative feedback? What is an everyday example of this process.? a process that when the amount of a hormone reaches a certain level, the endocrine system stops producing it. Example: heating system or toliet filling with water
    ____________ are specialized organs of the endocrine system, which collect and process substances from the blood. The concentrated substances are chemicals called _________________ and are secreted to regulate daily body activities. Glands, hormones
    A hormone interacts only with a __________________ cell, which fits together with that hormone. target
    The __________________________ is part of the brain that is the link between the endocrine system and the nervous system. hypothalamus
    The _____________ endocrine gland is sometimes called the master gland although is only the size of a pea. pituitary
    What is the main function of the reproductive system? to allow offspring to be born
    The ______________ produce and secrete hormones in addition to releasing eggs in a female. This function makes them part of both the __________________ and _______________________ systems. ovaries, endocrine, reproductive
    The main function of the testes and ovaries are the produce _______ cells, which join to from a ______________. sex, zygote
    Human eggs are usually fertilized in the female’s oviduct or _______________ ________. fallopian tubes
    What happens during fertilization? a sperm and an egg join together
    The structure formed during fertilization is call a zygote
    The main event that occurs in puberty is that an individual is able to __________________. reproduce
    List the 3 stages of birth. labor, delivery, afterbirth
    The stages of development that occur after fertilization in order are:
    ___________________, _____________________, _______________
    zygote, embryo, fetus
    The _______________ and ________________ systems work together to produce offspring because hormones play a vital role in the production of sex cells. endocrine, reproductive

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