Many People Experience Using Foods as a Comforting Mechanism

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Introduction Attention getter: Have you ever had such a long, stressful day and went home after and indulged in food to make yourself feel better? I know I have, I find myself indulging in chocolate at these times. Have you ever wondered why you can’t help but do that? Well today, I am going to answer that question for you. Central Idea Statement: People use food as a way to deal with feelings instead of to satisfy hunger. Justifications of Topic: Many people experience using foods as a comforting mechanism and do not know why and cannot help it but my speech will help explain it.

Preview the Body of the Speech: So today, I’ll first explain what comfort foods are. Second, I’ll explain why people resort to food for comfort. Finally, I‘ll explain why comforting yourself with food is so bad for you. Body Transition: So let’s begin. Main Idea I: First of all, comfort foods are foods that put people in better moods or make them feel better. •A comfort food usually consists of high sugar or carbohydrate content, like candy or chips. A typical comfort food should supply fullness or satisfaction after being consumed.

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Comfort foods may also trigger positive memories to make you feel better. •We all have our own comfort foods and they vary according to moods and gender. Women commonly like ice cream, chocolate, or cookies. Men tend to like ice cream, soup, pizza or pasta. Summary: As you can see, comfort foods are a coping mechanism and an easy way to try and fix your problems. Transition: So next, let me explain why people resort to food for comfort. Main Idea II: Food makes people feel better and help cope with things. According to the Chicago Tribune, chemicals in foods such as chocolate may increase the levels mood-lifting neurotransmitters in the brain. Once people start indulging in foods high in fat and sugar, the brain and body get used to those foods and crave them. oThe spike in blood sugar increases your mood and makes you feel better. •The way you were raised can also effect if and when you use comfort foods. oFor example, a child who is given candy after a big achievement may grow up using candy as a reward for a job well done or kid who is given cookies as a way to stop crying may learn to link cookies with comfort.

People may also turn to food for comfort because food doesn’t have the ability to criticize them. oMany people like to “eat their feelings”. Summary: So far we’ve looked at what comfort food is and why people resort to it. Transition: Finally, let’s talk about why comforting yourself with food is so bad. Main Idea III: Turning to food for comfort may become an unbreakable habit. •According to Psychology Today, the more you turn to food for comfort over and over again; it becomes a habit and often an ingrained one. It is likely that what underlies a lot of weight issue and mindless eating is actually difficulty finding healthy ways to comfort yourself versus lack of nutrition knowledge or portion control. •This overuse of comfort food is the number one cause of people being overweight because when anything bad happens in their lives they immediately turn to food. •Sometimes comfort foods don’t help and can leave you wanting more and more. It turns into a vicious cycle. Comforting yourself with food is a bad habit but can be broken once you realize that there are other healthy ways to comfort yourself.

Summary: Comfort foods may comfort you but in the end it won’t be for the better. Conclusion Signal the end of the speech: As my speech comes to an end, please keep in mind that there are always other ways to comfort you other than food. Reinforce Central Ideas: Many times people may use food as a way to deal with feelings other than to satisfy hunger. Refer to Introduction for Closer: So next time you are comforting yourself with food after a long, stressful day, you will now know why and to find alternative healthy ways to comfort yourself.

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