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Margaret Hilda Thatcher

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Margaret Hilda Thatcher & # 8217 ; s overpowering sense of assurance and

aspiration ruled her life from the clip she was a little kid in Grantham, though

her Oxford old ages and during her early old ages in political relations. It led her to go

the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain, and besides helped through her

hard political old ages as & # 8220 ; Attila the Hun & # 8221 ; .

Britain & # 8217 ; s first female Prime Minister was born on October 13, 1925 in a

little room over a grocer & # 8217 ; s store in Grandham, England. Margaret Hilda was the

2nd girl of Alfred and Beatrice Roberts. She frequently stated that she was

brought up really purely:

I owe everything in my life to two things: a good place, and a good instruction.

My place was ordinary, but good in the sense that my parents were passionately

interested in the hereafter of my sister and myself. At the same clip, they gave

us a good instruction & # 8211 ; non merely in school, but at place every bit good ( Gardiner, 1975,

p.13 ) .

As a kid, thrift and practicality were instilled in Margaret & # 8217 ; s

character. The Methodist church played an active portion in the lives of the

Roberts. She attended good schools as a kid and spent her old ages analyzing with

the purpose of go toing Oxford. Margaret arrived at Oxford in the fall of

1943. During her old ages here, Margaret worked in a canteen for the war attempt,

continued her involvement in music by fall ining assorted choirs and joined the Oxford

University Conservative Association where she became really active in it & # 8217 ; s

political activities.

After Oxford, Margaret became the youngest female campaigner of the

Dartford Association. She was on the side engaged to Denis Thatcher at this

clip, and they married in December 1951. Twinss were born the undermentioned twelvemonth.

During this period, she studied jurisprudence and was admitted to the saloon in 1954. In the

same twelvemonth she was a campaigner for the Oysington Conservative Association.

Margaret won in a Tory landslide at Finchley, a suburb of London in 1959.

Her parliamentary calling had begun. A shot of good fortune gave her the

chance of showing her first measure about instantly. This measure was to

allow the imperativeness to go to the meetings of the local councils. The measure was

finally passed and it greatly enhanced her repute. In 1964 she was portion

of the resistance and saw the other side of political relations. Between 1970 and 1974

Thatcher was the Secretary of State for Education and Science. She enjoyed the

tough verbal struggle of parliamentary arguments. She had a speedy head and an

even quicker lingua, along with an tremendous assurance. She liked to contend

and liked to win.

In 1975, the Conservatives were the first party in Britain to take a

adult female as leader and possible Prime Minister:

It was the backbenchers, non the Leader, or his Shadow Cabinet, who forced a

ballot, and it was a backbenchers- campaigner who emerged triumphant from it.

When the election was announced on January 23, and in the first ballot Margaret

had the support of merely one member of a Shadow Cabinet of 23 she was regarded

with intuition by most of those pull offing the party machine at Central Office,

and opposed by many in the National Union. In short, she was an anti-

establishment campaigner. Her run director was a backbencher, backbenchers

of changing sunglassess of sentiment made up her run commission who voted resolutely

for alteration ( Gardiner, 1975, p.204 ) .

In May 1979, Thatcher became the first female Prime Minister of Great

Britain. Her party won once more in 1983 and 1987. Thatcher resigned as Prime

Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in November 1990, after fring

the support of the party. She remained in the House of Commons until 1992. In

the same twelvemonth, Thatcher was made a Baroness by the queen and became a member of

the House of Lords.

Abse, writer of & # 8220 ; Margaret girl of Beatrice & # 8221 ; pigments an wholly

different image of Thatcher & # 8217 ; s household background. In his psycho-biography, he

describes Margaret & # 8217 ; s female parent as strict, cold and unloving. He states that this

resulted in her being egotistic, aggressive, and a workaholic, every bit good as

being attracted to money. Thatcher has claimed to owe everything to her male parent,

and at no point does she admit her female parent & # 8217 ; s part. Abse besides

claims that Thatcher is inveterate and traumatically frustrated, and that she

went into political relations for acknowledgment and satisfaction. Fellow politicians were

non enamored of Thatcher, particularly after she ended a? 8 million a twelvemonth free

milk plan for primary school kids while Secretary of State for Education.

He says: the public subliminally sensed she was moving out the function of a

striping minute

ther, as so she was, and reacted with rage. ? Thatcher, milk

snatcher & # 8217 ; rang out at about everyone of her public meetings and, in the Commons,

my less decorous co-workers cat-called every clip she rose with? ditch the

bitch & # 8217 ; . She was ne’er to retrieve personal popularity until she became the

warrior queen of the Falklands war ( Abse, 1989, p.2 9 ) .

During the nutrient deficit in the 1970 & # 8217 ; s, Thatcher was found to be

stashing nutrient. Her alibi was that he conserve was shortly to retire and that she

needed to stock up for the hereafter. Besides being a millionaire, Mr. Thatcher

was still working ten old ages subsequently. She attempted to convey back capital

penalty. She thrived on confrontation and crisis, and was been involved in

political injudiciousnesss. With respects to her kids, Abse claims that

Margaret appeared to be cold, hardhearted and unloving. She was a permissive

female parent and was incapable of admiting her ain domestic failures.

When she took office, Thatcher promised to set the British economic system back

on it & # 8217 ; s pess. She wanted an economic plan that would cut down rising prices, interrupt

the power of brotherhoods to interrupt the economic system, to make new industry and trade,

and to convey the state to a new degree of prosperity. She promised to convey

about a complete and extremist alteration in the British society by fade outing the

public assistance province. Thatcher believed in free economic system, non a authorities controlled

one. Unfortunately, none of the things she promised really happened as she


Thatcher wanted to return to the Victorian values of difficult work, thrift,

ego trust and a strong sense of responsibility. She did non believe in via media.

She campaigned to cut authorities disbursement, cut down income revenue enhancement and to make away with

authorities support for little houses that could non thrive on their ain. She

raised the value added gross revenues revenue enhancement on all but the most indispensable goods to 15 % .

She cut authorities disbursement on foreign assistance, and the services supported by towns,

small towns, and metropoliss across the state. These plans were unsuccessful due

to the fact that high involvement rates and high gross revenues revenue enhancements stopped concerns and

persons from disbursement. The economic system went into a diminution. The unemployment

rate rose, and the authorities had to set out more money on unemployment

insurance. The people started to name her & # 8220 ; Attila the Hen. & # 8221 ;

The British people forgot their sufferings and forgave Thatcher after the

Falkland War. She won the following election with the run slogan & # 8220 ; Maggie is our

adult male & # 8221 ; . She was non able to convey peace to Ireland, and at one point she was

about killed.

Some people thought she was excessively powerful, peculiarly in the country of

free address. In 1988, she stepped up attempts to sensor documents, books and

magazines. In 1989, she attempted to privatise the national wellness service.

Thatcher & # 8217 ; s personal vision of the hereafter was that of a & # 8220 ; Britain where

everyone has a fiscal interest and a committedness to Britain & # 8217 ; s success & # 8221 ; ( Harris,

1988, p.241 ) . Part of this committedness was home-ownership, which was one of the

lending factors to the first election in 1979. In her 2nd term of

office, she created? Popular Capitalism & # 8217 ; by the merchandising of province assets or


Thatcher & # 8217 ; s basic end was non the extension of the authorities, but the

restriction of it. She believed that if the authorities was limited to specific

functions, it would acquire stronger. She believed in revenue enhancement reform, little house

encouragement strategies, aid for new engineerings, duties and the

household, jurisprudence and order and betterment of the environment. Her & # 8220 ; political orientation is

empirical and natural, but non the merchandise of great survey or contemplation, and

it amounts to a instead simple ( though non unsophisticated ) group

libertarianism & # 8221 ; ( Mayer, 1979, p.11 ) . Mayer goes on to state that she is barely a

mother-figure for a state. Though she is caring and considerate with close

associates, she does non project heat or wit. The public sees her as a

rigorous nursemaid, non a loving ma. She is tough minded and has great staying powers and

a retentive spirit. Thatcher has stated that she has ne’er doubted her

cardinal strong beliefs.

Margaret Thatcher grew up in an epoch when adult females were non usually

successful as politicians or as concern adult females. Even so, she managed to

transform her sex from a liability to a major political plus. She may hold

been unpopular at times due to her attack to life and political relations, but a & # 8220 ; softer & # 8221 ;

female Prime Minister might non hold been as effectual. Recognition was earned

through her overpowering sense of aspiration and dedication to the occupation: & # 8220 ; Thatcher,

Milk Snatcher & # 8221 ; was bestowed the rubric Baroness and there-by received the

acknowledgment that she had craved all her life.


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