Expository Legalization Of Marijuana Miguel Carvalho Argumentative Essay

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The commonplace response tends to include gestures of o r advancement as a race, and our governments’ subsequent responsibility to distinguish the ‘good ‘ from the ‘bad’ and legislate accordingly for the good of the people. Alas, upon a thorough investigation and understanding of the effects of marijuana on humans, an abundance of positi ve and negative rationales is brought to light, ranging from its positive social contribution to cr ime diminishing to its possibly cancerous nature as an oftabused drug.

In order to acquire a greater understanding of the issue at hand, one must th oroughly understand all the aspects governing the health effects of marijuana on huma Primarily, annabis provides its users with a sense of ecstatic joyfulness, an increased se nse of sensitivity, and a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Like any other drugs, marijuana affe cts the pathways of the nervous system as it halts the effective functioning of the neurotransmitte rs and receptors.

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Moreover, cannabis alters the perception of sensation and pleasure, especiall y with regards to food and taste (“cannabis”). Regardless of the possible negative outcomes tha t this drug might de Carvalho 3 have, participants believe that prescribed cannabis is more beneficial to their health than prescribed medication (Bottorff 5). There is no reason for cannabis to be considered dangerous, since it affects humans in a safer way than its legal rivaldrug alcohol. Additionally, and in a political outlook, Colorado was the first state that legalized marijuana and lau nched it in the market.

Subsequently, and much like alcohol, the production of marijuana is now being controlled by the government. More importantly, people’s opinions have chan ged exceptionally; in other words, “more people support legalizing marijuana”. This Colorado tri al could serve as a guideline for other places such as Canada to follow (“High time”). upon a closer inspection of hese facts, the world is shifting their views of this controversial subject and sl owly changing the old, closedminded opinion of this drug an occurrence that might lead to even tual global legalization.

The effect of marijuana on users is an important factor to consider when deliberating about this delicate and contentious topic. A multitude of rationale is brought to light with regards to marijuana legalizati on, ranging from its health benefits to its positive contribution to staterevenue in states w here it has been legalized. In like manner, some critics argue that income of money from marijuana for example axing the drug could be a source of much needed revenue, which could be u sed for other actions against illegal drugs (“Should the U.

S. decriminalize marijuana? “). On a different note, non abusive nor recreational use of marijuana provides the following health b enefits: effective muscle pain killing, nausea and vomiting reliever, and it aids against weight 10 ss in AIDS patients (“Marijuana’s Slow Move Toward Mainstream Acceptance”). Upon a deep understanding of the previous given facts, if the use Of marijuana is controlle d and used only for its benefits, it could provide severe aid in the medical department and help m ny nations’ de Carvalho 4 economic situation.

Moreover, supporters of the legalization of marijuana believe that the “penalties imposed for nonviolent, firsttime marijuana offenders are far too h arsh”. They also believe that such harsh penalties would just anger and perhaps harden the o ffenders, then that would provoke the chances of following the crime life and/ or “drug use” to increase drastically. By these means, they believe if the penalties weren’t that severe, it would ma ke crime rate go down, and it would also “free up government sources” to go after true and se rious crimes, and unish those who truly deserve it. “Should the U. S. decriminalize marijuana? ” For that matter, supporters of the legalization of marijuana have very reasonable and rational statements that defend the decriminalization of cannabis; they believe that this could benefit states and perhaps nations. Facts mentioned previously should be strongly take in consideration when de fending the positive side of this contradictory issue. Proponents of marijuanadiscriminatory laws push for its deferment from favo rable legislative process due to their belief in its socially negative stigma and its can Cerous health risks.

Legalizing marijuana, as critics say, could result in the increment of the use of the drug. Alternatively, they also defend that States would benefit from the legalization of marijuana by getting income that is much needed by the States, as also getting illegal drug business go bankrupt. Regardless, critics defend that if marijuana possession was to be tr eated like a speeding ticket, so basically as giving an image of harmlessness, when it’s truly an addic tive substance can cause harm physically and mentally to society, since the drug would be abuse d (“Should the U. S. decriminalize marijuana? 0.

Taking a stand in physically complications and har ms, regarding the fact that cigarettes are bad enough for lung health; the addition of marijuana to the possibilities of things to smoke increases the chances of lung complications for those who intake it since the de Carvalho 5 level of carcinogens are 5070% higher in pot smoke (“Pros and Cons of Legaliz ing Recreational Marijuana”). Since this issue is so delicate, consuming marijuana can not be regarded as a speeding ticket, since it will make people’s outlook on it as being inoffensive. The executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Health Care in Manila, Fr.

Dan Cans Ino expresses extreme concern about the possible consequences of the legalization of marij uana. Indeed, he express his concerns in a statement that reads as follows, “Cl]egalization of m arijuana can lead to more dangerous activities. It’s being abused now that it’s illegal, what more if you make it legal and make it available in the market? More abuses will definitely happen,”. Ad ditionally, Fr. Dan Cansino also believes that the legalization of marijuana would also be terrible, since people would be more exposed to the effects of cannabis (Santos).

Staying in Philippi es, Senator Vicente “‘Tito” Sotto Ill agrees that there shouldn’t be any law that could possi bly allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes nor for suspect and perhaps illegal me dical purposes, unless there’s proper scientific data that could support such a thing. Moreove r, he believes that if a law was created in despite of those purposes (mentioned above) that would be breaking an international treaty which states that “addiction to narcotic drugs as a serious evil to an individual and its social and economic danger to mankind” (Ager).

As shown in previously stated facts, arijuana does not look very good after all, especially if taken a deep vision in to the health complications that marijuana might have in humans. As everything in this world, there’s two points of view in every situation, but regarding this controversy in this specific view, it can be said that the legalization of marijuana would bring upon the world and societ y some sort of disgrace, especially if looked that from a health perspective. e Carvalho 6 Manyatime, proponents and adversaries of cannabis come together to debat e the legality Of such a drug, Often referring to its health risks in the process. As depicted, t is issue is multifaceted and should thereby be given greater regard than the typical issu e confronted by politicians. Quite simply, there is no right answer. Be it cannabis’ uncanny abili ty to raise revenue for a government taxing the product or its adverse effects on societal morality, there will always be a facet of the issue worth arguing for or against.

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