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Delta Faucets – Final Project One of the most luxurious and exquisite brands in the world of faucets and bathroom fittings is Delta Faucets. The branding of Delta has been a very remarkable process – it targets the highest niche of the market with its products that have the highest finish and technological innovation. It is compelling to think how technology could be introduced in bathroom fittings and faucets. Delta faucets are embedded with technologically innovative ideas and thus are distinctive in nature from all of its competitor products.

Marketing Mix Analysis Overview Established in 1954 as a home improvement and building products, Delta Faucet Company is a subsidiary of Masco Corporation. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of home fittings and building products. The company has been very innovative in the faucets business and its business philosophy has made it adopt an innovative approach to the traditional business of manufacturing home fittings. The company manufactures a wide range of home fitting products but apart from that, it has a list of patented designs and products to its credit.

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This includes a variety of breakthrough technologies and innovative ideas that have led to faucets being more intelligent than just ordinary home fittings. Targeted distinctively for corporate offices and exquisite homes, Delta Faucet products are not for the ordinary people. The products marketing campaign is equally exquisite and yet simple. The website of the company shows the innovative ideas that have been the reason for its success in the business and a targeted marketing strategy for corporate offices has been the key to its distinguishment from other products in the marketplace.

This paper will analyze the marketing mix of Delta Faucets and dissect the different elements of its marketing strategy that have been crucial to its success. Product Delta Faucet products are home fittings and building materials that simply defy the convention. The products of Delta Faucet are value-added in that they are the result of innovation and technological embedding – Delta Faucets enabling it to be the market leader in innovative faucets and fittings patent most of these designs.

The product comes in lavish packaging however, since Delta Faucet hones the “green” paradigm, the packaging is biodegradable but manages to provide the buyer an exquisite image well. Pricing Bathroom fittings and kitchen fittings that cost as much as tyre cars are the norm for Delta Faucet products. It should be remembered that Delta does not target a large population – rather it skims the top most segment of the market. It would rather be that Delta Faucets are used for corporate bathrooms than for private home fittings (Etzel, Walker, Walker & Stanton, 2003).

Delta Faucet prices well above its nearest competitors enabling it to reach the premiums of high pricing. Placement Delta Faucet is not short of outlets for placing its faucets. It operates in more than 53 countries using an efficient supply chain network with reduced lead-time. The company has an extensive network of distributors and retailers that sell Delta Faucets products throughout North America and Europe. The use of information systems in its supply chain network has been one of the strongest plus factors for Delta Faucet enabling it to strengthen its placement strategies (Pelyco, 2003).

Promotional Mix Delta Faucet manages to market its products using a variety of strategies: in spite of being a luxury product, Delta Faucet has been able to stir its demand over the years using corporate magazine marketing as the primary tool (About Delta, 2009). A combination of viral marketing amongst the corporate world (through secretaries of executives) is the most relied upon form of promotion at Delta Faucets. It also houses exquisite showrooms and display centers for the people that are abounded by physical marketing and the “touch and feel” of things.

It is perhaps this strategy that is the most consistent with Delta Faucets. Overall, Delta Faucet has been very pervasive in its marketing and promotional strategies. It has strived to make sure that it is chosen by the top-notch sector of the society by constantly dwelling on copyright technology and innovation. Delta Faucet projects itself as a brand that is for the elite; keeping this into view, it can be concluded that the price and promotional strategy of the product are well in tandem with the products image and nature (Pride & Ferrell, 2007).

Delta Faucet needs no revision of its marketing strategy: it only needs to broaden its horizons. Turning from an exquisite product to a luxury product high in demand amongst wider elite would be a better strategy for the company – and this is what Delta Faucets should be eyeing for in the near future in order to stand out against its competitors in this fiery era of globalization and expand its profitability. References About Delta (2009). Delta Faucet Company: Who are We?

Retrieved on December 15, 2009 from: http://www. deltafaucetcompany. com/company/whoweare. html Etzel, M. J. , Walker, B. J. , Walker, S. , & Stanton, W. J. (2000). Marketing. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. Pelyco (2003). Delta Faucet Company achieves continued success with Peyco Supply Chain visibility solution. Retrieved on December 15, 2009 from: http://www. pelyco. com/press_release_02_20_03. htm Pride, W. , Ferrell, O. C. (2007). Foundations of Marketing: Revised Second Edition. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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