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High School. When a high school student is interested in becoming a pre-med biology major, they are advised to take as many prep classes in high school as possible. The basic classes suggested are physics, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, etc. Taking these classes in high school will help prepare students for college level classes while teaching them the basics, pushing them to be more successful. Interested students are also advised to take advanced anatomy and physiology classes if he or she is able. Along with class suggestions, interested students are also advised to research internship and/or volunteer programs to assist in furthering their knowledge before going to college. It is also important that the students research different colleges and learn which one is right for them.

Before William Carey University was a college, W.I. Thames opened it in 1892 as a boarding school in Poplarville, Mississippi. The school was known as a women’s college from 1912-1932. According to the William Carey University, the school’s objective during this time was to “train” citizens to build Christian homes. The school continued under new presidency in 1932. In 1940, the school was forced to close. After that, the campus was used for housing for army officers. In 1954, the school was reopened and named William Carey College.

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Course Curriculum. As a pre-med biology major, students are required to take the basic classes, biological sciences, math, physics, and chemistry, along with 17 hours of upper level biology courses. According to the William Carey website, past students have reported being very prepared for the anatomy classes during medical school. For biology majors, 40 hours of biology are required; however, the university prefers pre-med students to take 50 or more hours to better prepare them for medical school. Where some colleges’ Human anatomy classes rarely get the opportunity to meet in labs and work on cadavers, Willam Carey University students meet weekly and are allowed that opportunity.

Work Study. Work study is offered at multiple colleges around the world, but William Carey University is one of only a few that offer the chance for students to work as lab assistants while still being a full-time student. During their junior year, 3 students are selected to work assisting in the set-up of the lab before classes. These students also have the opportunity to assist with working on cadavers in lower level classes. As a senior, work study students are considered teaching assistants. They work alongside the teacher while also working under them to further their education. Work study is a great way for students to work while not missing an opportunity to further their education.

The school was first opened in 1924 as an agricultural high school. Over time, the school changed to a Teachers college. In 1955, the name of the school was changed from Delta State Teachers College to Delta State College. From the years 1925 to 1967, Delta State was a white-only college. Three years after the Civil Rights act, racial segregation ended at Delta State College.

Course Curriculum. While multiple differences set each college apart, each college has a similar academic schedule for pre-med biology majors. The students are required to take biological classes, chemistry, math, and physics. At Delta State University, pre-med biology majors are also required to have at least 40 hours of upper-level courses. According to the Delta State website, upper-level (300-400) courses cannot be taken at 2-year schools. After finishing all courses during the 4 years, students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree with a major in biology and minor in chemistry.

Scholarships. According to the Delta State website, the university offers 4 different scholarships for pre-med students. The university also offers multiple different scholarships for different pre-health students. One pre-med scholarship that Delta State offers is the Dr. Robert L. Elliott, M.D. and Dr. Mary C. Elliott, M.D. Scholarship.Dr. Mary Elliot and Dr. Robert Elliot founded this scholarship in 1992. This scholarship is awarded to either a biology or chemistry major. Unlike many scholarships, this one does not have many requirements. The main 2 are that the applicant must be a full-time student and have at least a 3.5 GPA. This scholarship does not have a set amount. The scholarship is flexible and can be changed to ensure full coverage for the students’ tuition, book allowance, room and board, and other fees.

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