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Marketing International

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Brand licensing will allow Leno to allow other companies a contract and/ or agreement in which the company that owns the brand name allows others to produce and supply products carrying brand name. Another approach Leno would be recommended to take is individual product branding because, this branding allows new products to be designed under new names and not need any obvious connection with Leno. Under the individual product branding the organization must work hard to establish the brand in the market.


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Propose your strategy for advertising the new notebook within other entries. Determine whether the content of the ads would be similar to the standardized ads geared toward other world markets or if they would be customized for a new country. Provide a rationale for the response. “Leno’s philosophy for targeting the youth market is decidedly open-minded and acknowledges that group’s digital prowess” (Bulk. 2012). When advertising the new notebook within other countries, Leno should start by targeting the same target group of teens.

The content of the ads would be similar to the Leno standardized ads because most of the consumers purchasing the daybooks are in their teenage years and teenagers all seem to want and buy the same items. A suggestion for Leno is to expand to the Republic of Macedonia where there are not that many notebook companies. Leno expanding to Macedonia their ads should be geared to its latest technology. 3. Select a country as a new market for the new notebook. Next, predict the market segmentation variables for the new notebook in the country that you have selected (e. . , geography, psycho graphics, and demographics). Note: Incorporate the computed analytical data from the Expected Commercial Value Calculator to support your espouse. A country that Leno should introduce the new notebook should be The Republic of Macedonia. “Since its independence in 1991, Macedonia has made significant progress in liberalizing its economy and improving its business environment… (www. CIA. Gob). The Republic of Macedonia, economy has been increasing in the past few years.

Introducing the new Eleven notebook to consumers in the Republic of Macedonia should be profitable since there are not many computers, notebooks, available to the consumers. As of 2014, Macedonian population is slightly more that two million people and the country s relatively smaller than the state of Vermont. 4. Define the company’s main types of pricing strategies and target market objectives for the new notebook. According to Dana Blackthorn, “Leno has a simple strategy. Buy a big brand. Move it to China and drop the cost” (Blackthorn, 2014). This strategy has worked well since its launch in 2005.

Leno is the fourth largest providers in the PC’s worldwide. Leno’s main focus in such a short term is to pursue higher market share rather than depending on higher profits. The main types of pricing strategies for the new notebook are penetration pricing and economy pricing. Leno introduces the new notebook to the market at a low price in order to gain market share. Economy pricing, Leno keeps the cost of marketing and promoting at a minimum. 5. Suggest the key methods that you would use to create unique distribution channels and logistics through the company’s existing global channel intermediaries.

Predict the manner in which these distribution channels would create utility for current and potential customers. According to Jennifer Links, “Leno has teamed up with distributor SEED international Holdings to reach channel partners…. ” (Links, 2011). The key ethos that would be suggested to create unique distribution channels and logistics through the company’s existing global channel intermediaries are wholesalers and distributors. 6. Decide whether you would employ a multi-country strategy or a global strategy for the new notebook.

Provide a rationale to support your response. Leno should employ the global strategy. The global strategy will be best when introducing the new notebook because, Leno could see the world as one large market and keep its product the same every where they distribute. Another reason, is that most of all of Leno’s competitors are using the same global treated to stay ahead of the market. “Entering new markets in tech has in recent years become a preferred way for many large companies to grow, and that seems especially true for companies in Asia” (Humble, 2014).

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