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Marketing Outrageously Summary

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Throw UT Old-fashioned thinking about how to build and grow a successful business. Increasing revenue by marketing is Spoilsport’s mantra – and the era of time- tested marketing methods has passed. Rubber Chickens If you want customers and clients to notice your company, Spoilsport says you have to step over the lines of political correctness and business as usual. For example, he once sent rubber chickens to hard-to-crack customers with season-ticket renewal requests tied to the legs.

In another case, he mailed out season tickets in a wooden cigar box with the team’s logo burned in the top and an “Owner’s Manual” inside.

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Marketing Outrageously Summary
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Marketing outrageously beats the hell out of marketing bland, time after time after time,” the author writes, It might be harder to devise an outrageous marketing plan, but safe is not always the best way, and bland does not stand a chance against the chutzpah of outrageous. Focus on the Prize What are the fundamentals of outrageous marketing?

The basics are as simple as focusing on the big picture and the big prize.

Thinking big and using creativity are at the root of marketing plans that work, and Spaceport writes that lack of money is no excuse for flat revenues. The first step to accomplishing better ales, according to Spoilsport, is asking the question, “What’s it goanna take to be the best this year? ” Next, he advises you to write down the question as it applies to your business and put it in your pocket.

The author says asking such a demanding question is the toughest part of developing a marketing strategy that takes care Of your needs. He then provides numerous ideas for answering this question using his own experiences and those of other successful entrepreneurs to add substance to his unconventional approaches. More Common Strategies Although unusual acts of marketing are what increase revenues, Spoilsport also tails other sides of his marketing techniques. These include the strategies he used to raise season ticket sales for the Edmonton Oilier from 5,500 to 13,000.

By expanding sales staff, increasing their training and aggressively going after new business, he turned a fading franchise into a healthy company. These full- marketing tactics may not seem so extraordinary, but the increase in profits was nothing less than outstanding, Are you asking yourself, “Where will get the money to hire new salespeople? ” The author suggests taking a tee dollars from your advertising budget to bring in new sales staff. But don’t sacrifice your raining budget! Your new salespeople will need it to tackle new business.

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