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Maternity in The Scarlet Letter

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Scripture to punish the adulterer with death: “This woman has brought shame upon us all, and ought to die… Hester is someone who has to be severely condemn and to denigrate according to Puritan beliefs. By comparing her to the Virgin Mary, Hawthorne illustrates that, despite of her sin and what people believed, Hester is really a good and holy person. The author makes the reader empathic with the main character even though all that surrounds her seems judge her actions, the reader feels that she is a great woman but above all a great mother, most women could identify themselves with the tuition of Hester and feel sorry for her and her child.

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Maternity in The Scarlet Letter
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Another example of her feelings as mother Is In the second chapter when the narrator expresses “She clutched the child so fiercely to her breast, that It sent forth a cry… ” (Chi. 2)Pearl shows the emotions of Hester and acts upon them because Hester hides her true emotions in front of all, this close relationship between mother and daughter is going to be thought out the novel in which Pearl’s reactions often reflect what Hester is feeling.

In chapter 3 for example when Hester is in front of all people of her community and she s interrogated in the scaffold and treated as a sinner or a vile criminal, she has to say her personal secrets in front of all: “… It were wronging the very nature of woman to force her to lay open heart’s secrets in broad daylight, and in the presence of so great a multitude. ” (Chi. ) Although Hester Is Judged, she overcomes all obstacles and proves her dignity to the community, she wears the scarlet letter with pride and does not look down because she feels ashamed, she even stars to needle In order to support her child and at the same time she serves as a virtuous model to her child and began to make good absorbed in their conflict; the first one with his necessity of revenge and the second one trying to hide his sin, Hester on the other side tries to take care of her child Pearl by her own.

Pearl becomes the centered of her life, she goes to live outside in small house, and nevertheless she works and tries to improve every day to sustain her little Child. No matter what people say finally she demonstrates her inner dignity and responsibility by raising Pearl by her own.

Another main aspect regarding motherhood in the novel is that Hester feelings are entered towards her daughter rather than in her man, apparently the story would deal with their love as an impossible one, but there are some other aspects which seemed to be more relevant, it is implied that Hester loves Damsel, but her true nature and emotions is not defined Just by loving a man, in the novel the reader has more accounts on Hester personality and the relation she has with Pearl.

Hester might not be the perfect mother for Pearl but she tries to do her best and Pearl reflects her mother’s strong character and intelligence to confront people that surround her. In this sense the novel is very feminist.

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