Scarlet Letter Major Works Data Sheet Essay

Major Works Data Sheet Details of the setting (include changes in setting) Significance of setting to the meaning of the work The Scarlet Letter is set in Boston in the mid-sass’s. There are a number of different settings inside this, including Timescale and Clownishness’s quarters, the scaffold at night and day, Hester cottage, the Governor’s home, and the forest. The setting of Boston in the mid-1 sass is important to the work mainly because of the people.

If it was set at any time afterwards, the people would have seemed out of context with their weird beliefs and practices and their strange forms of punishment ND Just the way they go about things.

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Scarlet Letter Major Works Data Sheet
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Also, the setting of the work goes along with the culture’s belief in the Black Man, or the Devil, being active in society on Earth. This belief was only held for a few hundred years. This sets a whole tone for the story, because It was widely believed that Hester had conceived Pearl with the Black Man.

Significance of the opening scene Significance of the ending scene The opening scene of The Scarlet Letter is when Hester comes out of the prison to also many of the main characters. In this scene, Timescale hints that he is the ether, and Chlorinating vows to himself that he will punish the father. This scene introduces most of the central ideas for the story and helps us get to know most of the characters in a short amount of time. He ending scene is the scene where Timescale dies, with Hester and Pearl beside him on the scaffold and Chlorinating laying at the bottom of the steps, whining about how Timescale escaped. In this scene, we learn of Damselfly’s self- mutilation and the true severity of his self-torture. Also, it unveils his extreme internal conflict. Literary techniques/Motifs Symbols/Archetypes Literary Techniques- Imagery- Hawthorne uses plant imagery throughout the story.

Irony- The fact that we know who the father is and the characters do not is Dramatic Irony. Motifs- and Evil- The battle against sin and evil is evident in all facets of this story. Night vs. Day- The different times reflect the story two different action categories, those that are public and those that must be done covertly. Symbols- Rosebush- The bush by the prison door, hope. Suit of Armor- Suit of armor at the Governor’s house, shows the A blown way out of proportion. Archetypes- Hester is an outcast from society, one Judged for their mistakes.

Characters Name Role in the Story Significance Adjectives Hester Prying She is the mother of the baby, Pearl. Protagonist Determined Headstrong Unlawful Pearl Prying Hester daughter, she is the only surviving member of this disaster. Cause of the conflict Nerd Arthur Timescale ere father of Pearl, spends the whole story torturing himself. A sort of second Righteous Loving Roger Chlorinating Hester real husband, tries to find out who the father is so he can torture them. Antagonist Hateful Scheming Governor Bellingham he Governor at the time of the story.

One of the Magistrates lugging Self-Righteous Mistress Hobbies ere Governor’s sister, believed to be a witch. Frequently foreshadows events to come. Creepy Awkward Ion Wilson Fellow minister to Timescale Not Judging Massachusetts in the mid-sass’s was greatly affected by religion. It was a Puritan community, which placed much more importance in God and spiritual aspects of life than in other periods of time. There was a large belief in demons and spirits, as well as harsh punishments for sin, which is what really affects Hester in The Scarlet

Letter. Basic Situation/Conflict Influence of Culture on the Character Character’s Decision Hester and Timescale had a child, Pearl, and they are trying to keep everyone else from finding out that Timescale is the father. He tortures himself for seven years, Nile Hester suffers with the A and Chlorinating tries to fugue out who the father is. Hester is persecuted by the people of her society, because she chased down her true love. She develops from this persecution a better view of humanity and that it does not matter what everyone else thinks.

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