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Mazda Positioning a Product Line

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Course Outline: “Change is inevitable, except from the Vending Machine” as the saying goes! Gone are the days that we were living in a linear world. We could predict and pre-act things in an orderly fashion. Today, we recognize that we live in a nonlinear world. We realize that changes sweeping the nations, economies and corporations are far deeper and longer-lasting. Being nimble, fast and change-ready has become a mantra for survival, if not for success. Capacity for change and transformation has become a key organizational capability.

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Mazda Positioning a Product Line
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Managing change has become a critical and non-negotiable skill for leaders in organizations. Change initiatives do not always produce the results we desire; however, not doing anything is even less of an option. High performance culture, breakthrough productivity, culture as a competitive advantage and the like are no longer slogans, but necessities of organizational life and future. Organizational development is a science of leveraging carefully chosen interventions to bring about the desired change in culture and context.

We have moved away from the past here we leveraged ODD interventions only when we sensed trouble in some parts of organization to using select interventions on an on-going basis to remain nimble and competitive. As they say: “a tool is only as good as the craftsman using it”. Leaders need to become adept at change management tools and techniques and their usage. This course provides the context and content for gaining this expertise.

Learning Outcome: On successful completion of the course, the students will be able to: Understand and appreciate the nuances of change and managing change Ђ Understand the concept of organization development and its importance Learn about the different frameworks for change management and their appropriateness in different situation Build knowledge of various organization development interventions and their use and limitations Recognize the reasons for resistance to change and how to manage the resistance functionally unreason ten role AT change agents Ana now managers Ana anyone else in the organization can become a change agent Pedagogy: leaders Ana almost The course will leverage a detailed pedagogy covering guided class room reservations and discussions, review scholarly articles by subject experts, case- study analysis, group task/study and presentations The text book is Organizational Development and Transformation – 6th Edition by Wendell L French, Cecil H Bell, Jar and Robert A Jackie. Grading: 1. Class Participation 2. QUIZ 3. Group and individual presentation 4. Term exams Session Schedule Organization Development & Change Management Session 1: Introduction to Change Management; what is change?

Forces of Change; Types of Change; Continuous and Discontinuous changes Session 2: What is Organization Development (O&D)? ODD & Transformation; General strategies for effecting changes in Human Systems, Gleeson 3′ Managing change: I nee Art AT Balancing; Standstill contact; stimulating conversations, ensuring congruence of messages, activities, policies and behaviors; providing opportunities for Joint creation; and anticipate.

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