Literature Review on Yakult with Market Segmentaion and Positioning Essay

The founder of Yakult by Dr. Minoru Shirota was working in microbiology laboratory at Kyoto Imperial Kyoto University (university school of medicine), he starts his courier by selling fermented milk under the brand name of Yakult. Dr. Shirota’s philosophy for the Shirotaism, yakult is preventive medicine, link between the healthy intestinal tract and a long life and offers the products at an affordable price for the individual person.

Including Japan, 32 countries and regions as a Probiotics pioneer, they help the people to protect their health and yakult has a pharmaceuticals business, in which they have anticancer drug used worldwide with the cosmetics business.

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Literature Review on Yakult with Market Segmentaion and Positioning
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They establish the foundation for the development of international business around in 9 countries with the mainly focus in Asia and Latin America in the first stage of 1964-1990.

In these countries the hygiene system was very poor and it was the reason of infectious diseases and other problems. When the cold chain was not developed at that time, yakult ladies delivered the product directly to the customers, promoting their product and the service values.

Moreover, yakult for the introduction lady system created the opportunity in the employment for the women, play an important role to to take the roots in the local communities to develop.

In the second stage of yakult 1991-2000, they made a full fledged entrance into the European markets and the recognition of gaining international. In 2012, Yakut has launched a new brand from the born of Mitsubishi factory, the first product introduced in the market and the name of the product is CHOBI. Under Yakut space discovery project, Yakut launches a space based activities. http://ir. yakult. co. jp/english/material/annual/pdf/ar2012. pdf LITERATURE REVIEW

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