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The Global Positioning System

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    The Global Positioning System ( GPS ) , a system of 24 orbiters circling the Earth, is a reasonably new engineering. As with a batch of new engineerings there are countless advantages and utilizations? but there is besides a downside to our increasing trust on this system.

    These years GPS is happening its manner into autos, boats, planes, building equipment, film devising cogwheel, farm machinery, even laptop computing machines. It works by utilizing orbiters as mention points to cipher a place someplace on the Earth – a place accurate to a affair of metres. In fact, with advanced signifiers of GPS you can do measurings to better than a centimetre! We have begun to give every square metre on the planet a alone reference.

    GPS receiving systems are being made smaller and more low-cost – doing the engineering accessible to virtually everyone. It’s going standard equipment in the field of archeology/anthropology, geology surveies, is used for amusement intents ( such as hoarded wealth Hunts ) – it merely may go a cosmopolitan public-service corporation. Most GPS receiving systems have the ability to hive away attribute information in add-on to place information in a Geographic Information System ( GIS ) .

    Examples of attribute information are the status of a street mark, the name of a route, or a location of a mineshaft or other dangers. It is superior to other pilotage systems in that it is more accurate and consistent ( ex. : heavenly pilotage is complicated and is merely of usage at dark and in good conditions conditions, with limited preciseness; radio systems such as Omega have limited truth and are capable to radio intervention? )

    It has supplied more information about how our Earth plants and moves; for illustration, research workers at the University of West Florida used differential GPS to analyze coastline eroding caused by hurricanes. The place of the beach/sand was measured with a GPS before and after the passing of a hurricane ( Hurricane Georges, 1998 ) and the consequence of the storm was measured and visualized in a GIS. Using it to more accurately record alterations in the Earth, we are better able to understand our environment because of it.

    But with all of its advantages and parts I think that the GPS can promote a deficiency of autonomy and an ever-increasing tendency towards human trust on engineering. ( Just expression at the Y2K scare – that shows how much we have come to trust on our computing machines for mundane activities ) . If person is lost out in the wilderness and for some ground his GPS is non working – which is all excessively common – he is lost. GPS signals can be obscured or confused by many objects, delayed by atmospheric conditions and wireless moving ridges, yet companies that sell the GPS are promoting this complete trust: “Throw off your paper maps.

    The Copilot 2000 keeps path of your location and shows you the fastest path to where you want to go.” ( Ziff Davis Smart Business for the New Economy, Sept 1, 2000 ) For me this is an indicant of our all excessively built-in trust and assurance in engineering. By utilizing the GPS you are trusting on other people, on political relations.

    The authorities has control of what you know, how much you know, of your location. The populace was officially told that the US military “will throng the planetary placement system in any future struggle, to forestall hostile usage of the satellite-based pilotage system” – letting the civil signal to be jammed without barricading the military codification. They have complete control of the system; they have already tracked felons and persons on word with it. Could the authorities finally utilize it to track every person?

    They have complete control of every facet of this system, are able to “jam” it at any clip, doing GPS slightly undependable or unintegratable for the user. If we become excessively reliant on it, it will go merely one more thing that we would be at their clemency for. There are already applications that are out at that place to “track your friends” The authorities controls the system’s truth – non your ain personal ability to utilize the engineering. For illustration – pres. Clinton merely made the GPS a more accurate system by telling the SA ( selective ability ) to be turned off. ( it follows that they could merely as easy order the full system to be shut down or closed off to non-governmental usage. )

    Another issue that came to mind was privatenes. ( some of the things I found advertised on the net were reasonably chilling? )

    “With nomadic placement, your phone could go a personal trailing device, letting your household, friends and foreman to cognize where you are at all times. My foreman likes to believe of nomadic phones as umbilical cords that connect his employees to him around the clock. He may be pleased to cognize that shortly he can lodge willing subordinates in a hi-tech uterus of kinds and know their whereabouts at all times.

    “Worry no more, doting parents! Whether it’s your small pumpkin’s first twenty-four hours walking place from school by herself or the millionth clip you’ve lost her at the promenade, the Babysitter TM will track your sweet pea’s location from a jelly bean-sized micro chip implant, discretely tucked under her clavicle. You’ll be able to chart her every move. What better manner to give her independency, and set your head at easiness? ”

    As the usage of GPS engineering spreads, your motions could be tracked and the information sold. And so far, there’s no legal protection? Fast-forward a few old ages into the hereafter. Your cell phone is a smart personal digital helper that’s equipped with, among other things, a Global Positioning System ( GPS ) bit. That means that every bit long as it’s turned on, the phone knows precisely where you are all the clip. In many ways, this characteristic is quite convenient: Consult your cell phone, and you can now happen the nearest Radio Shack, voyage your manner out of an unfamiliar vicinity, or supply exigency medical forces with a beacon that shows them your location. But the engineering besides has a slightly harmful potency. It will be much easier for everybody, including your employer, enemies, measure aggregators, and household members to track you down. As you travel from the campus to the food market shop, to the spirits shop, a lasting record can be built of your motions.

    That valuable information can so theoretically be sold to marketing companies — or to anybody else who wants it. This is likely traveling to be the following large issue – location privatenes. In add-on to cell phones, extremely advanced GPS engineering is besides likely to be added to most theoretical accounts of autos. Already, the General Motors OnStar service, which is offered on several theoretical accounts as an optional characteristic, uses GPS information to supply waies, eating house recommendations, and exigency wayside aid. People don’t recognize how available the information is, and how it is already being used. We’ve ne’er had a state of affairs where information about the location of 1000000s of people is all of a sudden readily available, easy and cheaply.

    The Global Positioning System has many pros and cons, and if we continue to increase our trust on such engineerings it may hold an unsought consequence. The less we rely on ourselves and the more we look to person or something else to inform us and teach us, the more unqualified and less autonomous we become.

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