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The Role of Media in Pakistan History

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The Role of Media in Pakistan History
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Media are the well dominated power of any civilization that exhibit the advanced state of human society, culture, tradition, environment, discipline and humanity of public life according to current era and religion, politics, business, entertainment and all the current issues (NEWS).

The Role of Pakistani media:

It is not negligible that Radio Pakistan played an important role for the foundation of Pakistan. But the question arises here that:

“Are the current Pakistani media playing their responsible role for benefiting Pakistan?

The answer is absolutely “No”.

• From the past few years, Pakistani media especially News Channels have been involved with the citation of violence and nature of corruption in Pakistan which amounted to the abuse of public for the private gain.

• They have illustrated Pakistan as a state of terror where different terrorist groups exist rather than hiding such foreigner `s terrorist actions and declaring Pakistan as peaceful Muslim state.

• Media have targeted love and respect of Pakistanis for Muslims and Non-Muslims in front of the others.

• They couldn`t proof Islam as the religion of peace, humanity, and love. Due to which Muslims are now abused as terrorists worldwide.

• More generally, their exhibitions of crimes and corruptions have not only hurt the poor people but also have resulted a failure to depict the harmful consequences of violence in children behavior.

• Finally, the aggressive role of media has negatively associated Pakistan with the developmental objectives such as investment, business, implementation of price control, provision of monopoly power, travel and educational system both for a national and international person.

Conclusion: Therefore in designing the reform programs, Pakistani media must identify their discretionary control rights at the disposal of their true identity and self awareness.

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The Role of Media in Pakistan History. (2018, Sep 01). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/media-3/

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