The Impact of Violent Media on Children Today Depicted in Whodunit-The Media, an Essay by Maggie Cutler

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Video games are causing behavioral problems in children, they see the violence and they think that is how real life is. In the first paragraph Cutler gives some evidence how violence in the media is affecting children. Some of the evidence Cutler given is that the television council accounted that per-hour rate for violence and sexual content had triple from 1989 to 1999.

The violence and sexual content that is shown is having a big impact on children in a bad way. It is causing children to act out and do crimes because in their minds they think it is right. Also television is responsible for about 10 percent of violence in young children. Also about 250 murders and 12,000 other crimes are from video games and television alone. The crime rate keeps going up because of the crime children see on tv and games. Cutler gives some good evidence but as she mentions in the essay that some evidence about the true fact. The facts she given estimate evidence that she had did some research on.

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Also Cutler said some believe that the video game Doom had inspired bloodbath at Columbine but researcher are not for sure. In second paragraph some studies shows that boys are tend watch

tv with violence in because it is more fun to watch. Some studies think that kids seek out shows

to express feeling that already have (686). The violence shows and games that are played are to believe give kids an adrenaline boost while playing. If games and television are given children and adrenaline rush children are most likely are going to do the crime they see. Also Cutler mentions that violent in the media is making it seem glamorous and righteous. So if violence is seemed as glamorous and righteous children are going to see it as normal to do.

Some believe that violence of the media is not affecting children. Instead they believe it is the way children were raised and how poor or rich they are. Some studies believe that poor kids are more likely to harm by graphic violence then a rich kid. Some studies believe that rich kids have a balance in their lives and a poor kid doesn’t. I believe it don’t matter if you are rich or poor violence of crime and affect you. Rich kids play violence games and watch violence of tv just as a poor kid would. Violence can affect any kid no matter who they are.

Cutler gives some studies from The American Psychological Association’s Commission on Violence and Youth and how they think early parental abuse and neglect and poverty put a child at a much a higher risk for violence (686). Also that APA believes that parental guidance will help reduce the exposure of violence (687). If parents can help reduce the problem then the rates of crime will slowly decreased.

One of the biggest problems of the violence in the media is that what the violence media means to actual kids is. It is hard to determine what type of violence to kid’s actual think it could be because it can be differed for every kid. Also some studies are known from Winick and Winick that kids from 6 to 10 are learning to deal with the media much as an adult do (687). Children still get confused is crime a fantasy, reality or just adverting they still do not know but violence is not always obvious to children.

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