Media corruption – other side of the coin

‘Whoever controls the media. controls the mind”

In today’s universe. the media has become a necessity merely like nutrient. vesture. and shelter. The media was ideally designed to be impartial and indifferent – to supply information. intelligence. and cognition that is nonsubjective and socially constructive. Unfortunately. in recent times. because of its money devising approach the media has adopted a colored attack that is profiting politicians and the corporate leaders. Sadly. the media is known to be fall backing to “Paid News” – intelligence that is published or broadcasted to profit a certain category of people who have immense economic power and who wield that economic power to purchase “The News” in their favour. The viewer’s/readers of such “Paid News” are at such a loss with this information that lacks unity and they can be easy misled.

Actually the readers/viewers are deceived in to believing “Paid News” which is so deceit of the truth. . Article 19 of the Constitution of India “Reach to the public” – states the right to freedom of address and look to media. When this freedom is misused by the media. it becomes a premier ground for media corruptness. and more or less the willingness of Indian Govt. to eliminate this job. The aim of this paper is to foreground the roots and redresss of media-corruption in India and to make consciousness about the general populace about the deformation of news/information by the media – to enable viewing audiences to spot. and non be uninformed consumers of the intelligence.

Cardinal words: necessary. money doing attack. freedom.

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