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Medicinal Plants

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LIST OF IMPORTANT MEDICINAL PLANTS AND THEIR USES NB: (Fam – Family, T – Tree, H – Herb, C – Climber, S- shrub) Plant Common name / Maturity period Amla ( T )After 4th year Botanical Name Parts or Family Used Emblica officinalis Fruit Fam euphorbiaceac Saraca Asoca Bark Fam : Flower Caesalpinanceac Withania Root, Somnifera Leafs Fam: Solanaccac Average Medicinal Use Price( Rs. / Kg ) Rs 15 – Vitamin – C, Cough 45/kg , Diabetes, cold, Laxativ, hyper acidity. Dry Bark Menstrual Pain, Rs 125/kg uterine, disorder, Deiabetes. Rs 140/ Kg Restorative Tonic, stress, nerves disorder, aphrodiasiac.

Ashok ( T )10 years onward Aswagandha ( H ), One year

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Medicinal Plants
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Bael / Bilva (T)After 4- Aegle marmelous Fruit, Bark Fruit – Rs Diarrrhoea, 5 year Fam: Rutaccac 125 / kg Dysentry, Pulp – Rs Constipation. 60 / Kg Bhumi Amla ( H), with Phyllanthous in one year amarus Fam : euphorbiaccac Whole Plant Rs 40 / Kg Aenimic, jaundice, Dropsy. Brahmi ( H ) Indian Bacopa,Monnieri Whole penny worth/one year Fam: plant Scrophulariaccac Chiraita ( high altituted) with in one year ( H ) Gudmar / madhunasini, after Four year ( C ) Guggul ( T)after 8 years Swertia Chiraita Fam : Gentianaccac Gymnema Sylvestre Fam: Asclepiadaccac Commiphora Wightii Fam: burseraccac Tinospora CordifoliaFam Whole Plant

Rs 20 per Nervous, Memory kg enhancer,mental disorder.

Rs 300- Skin Desease, 350 / per Burning, censation, kg fever. Rs 50 – Diabetes, hydrocil, 75 per kg Asthama. Leaves Gum rasine Rs 80 – 100 per kg Rheuma tised, arthritis, paralysis, laxative. Guluchi / Giloe ( C )With in one year Stem Rs 20 – Gout, Pile, general 25 per kg debility, fever, Jaundice. Rs 60 Skin Desease, Labour pain, Abortion, General debility. Calihari / Gloriosa superba Seed, panchanguliaGlori Lily Fam: Liliaccac tuber Five years Kalmegh/ Bhui neem ( Andrographis H ) with in one year PaniculataFam : scanthaccac Whole Plant Rs 12 20

Fever, weekness, release of gas. Long peeper / Pippali Peeper longum Fruit, Root Rs 100 – ( C ) after two to three Fam : Piperaccac 150 per years kg Root – 150 per kg Makoi ( H Solanum nigrum Fruit/whole Rs 40 per )Kakamachi/ With in Fam: Solanaccac plant kg one year Seed – 200 per kg Pashan Bheda / Coleus barbatus Root Rs 40-50 Pathar Chur ( H )One Fam : Lamiaccac per kg year Sandal Wood ( T )Thirty years onward Santalum Album Heart Fam: wood , oil santalinaccac Ranwolfia Serpentina Fam: apocynaccac Root Rs 350 per kg Appetizer, enlarged spleen , Bronchities, Cold, antidote. Dropsy, General debility,Diuretic, anti dysenteric.

Kidny stone, Calculus. Skin disorder, Burning, sensation, Jaundice, Cough. Hyper tension, insomnia. Sarpa Gandha ( H )After 2 year Satavari ( C )After 2-3 Asparagus year Racemosus Family: liliaccac Senna ( S )With in 1 year Root – Rs 60 per kg Seed – Rs 300 per kg Tuber, root Rs 20 – 50 per kg Enhance lactation, general weekness, fatigue, cough. Casia augustifolia Dry Tubers Rs 500/kg Rheumatism, Fam: Liliaceae seed general debility Rs1200/k tonic, aphrodisiac. g dry Tulsi (perennial) Each Ocimum sanclum Leaves/Se Leaves Cough, Cold, 3 months Fam: Lamiaccac ed Rs 10/kg bronchitis,expector and.

Vai Vidanka ( C ), 2nd Embelia Ribes year onward Fam: Myrsinaccac Pippermint ( h) Perennial Mentha pipertia Fam:Lamiaccac Root, Fruit, Rs 40-50 Skin disease, Leaves per kg Snake Bite, Helminthiasis. Leaves, Flower, Oil Digestive, Pain killer. Henna/Mehdi ( S ) 1/25 years Lawsennia iermis Leaf,Flowe L – 50 Burning, Steam, Fam: lytharaceae r, Seed /kgPowde Anti Imflamatary. r-Rs75 perkg Gritkumari ( H) 2nd5th yr Aloe Verra Fam: Liliaceae Leaves Fresh L- Laxative, Wound Rs 5 healing, Skin burns kgJuice & care,Ulcer. 90 Per Kg R-Rs50 per kgLRs 25SRs 10 kg Leaukamia, Hypotensiv, Antispasmodic , Atidot.

Sada Bahar ( H ) Periwinkle/Nyantara Vincea rosea/ Whole catharanthusRos Plant eus Fam :apocyanace Vringraj ( H ) Eclipta alba Seed/whol Powder- Anti-inflamatory, Fam: Compositae e Rs 60/kg Digestive, hairtonic. Swet chitrak Perennial ( h ) Plumbago Root, Zeylanica Rootbar Fam: Plumbaginaceae – Appetiser, Antibacterial, Aticacer. Indyspeipsia, colic, imflammation, cough. Nervous, Paralysis, healing wound. Rakta Chitrak ( H ) Plumbago Indica Root, Root Fam : bar plumbaginaceae Strychinos Seed nuxvomica Fam: loganiaceae Terminalia Chebula Fam: Combretaceae Seed – Kochila ( T )15 yrs Harida ( T )

Rs. 80 per K Powder Trifala, wound ulcer, leprosy, inflammation, Cough. Bahada (T) TerminaliaBelleric Seed, Bark a Fam:comretacea e Tribulus Terrestris Fam: Lygophyllaceae Whole Plant Fruit – Rs Cough, Insomnia, 20/k Dropsy, Vomiting, Powder- Ulcer, Trifala. Rs 100/k Plant-Rs 10/K Fruit –Rs 15/k Rs 45/k Sweet cooling, Aphrodisiac, appetizer, Digestive, Urinary. Sdedative, analgesic, epilepsy, hypertensive. Appetiser, Carminative, aphrodisiac, Astringent. Sdedative, analgesic, tpilepsy, hypertensive. Gokhur ( H ) CrawlingPuncture Vine/1 yr Neem ( T ) Azardirchata – Rhizome indica Fam : Mahaceae

Anantamool/sariva ( S Hemibi smus )Indian Sarap sarilla Indicus Fam: Asclepiadaceae Bach ( H ) Sweet Flag/1 yr Root/ Leaf Rs 45/k root Rs 90/kPowd er Acorus Calamus Rhizome Rs 45/K Fam : araceae Vasa ( S ) Adhatoda vesica Whole Fam : Plant Sacanthaceae Mesua Ferrea Fam : Guttiferae Leaf – Rs Antispasmodic, 25/ k respiratory, Stimulant. Nageswar ( T ) Nag Champa Bark, Leaf, Flower – Asthma, Skin, Flower Rs 120/k Burning, Vomiting, Powder Dysentry, Piles. Rs 175/k Root Flower – Hyperdisia, Rs 120/k Burning, ulcer, Powder Skin, Vomiting. Rs 175/k Antiinflamatory, Jundice, Diuretic, Diarrhoea.

Nervous, Disorder, Constipation, Nephroaphy, Strangury, Dropsy. Bronchitis, Asthma, Cardiac, Disorder, Fever. Scabies, Antipyretic, Amoibic dysentery. Benachar ( S ) Khus/khus Vetiveria Ziziinoides Fam : Toaceae / Graminae Mandukparni ( H ) Indianpennywort Centella asiatica Whole Fam : plant Umdelliferae Kaincha/CreeperBaid Mucuna Truriens Root, Hair, anka Fam : Fabaceae Seed, Leaf Dalchini Perenial Shrub Cinnamomum Bark, Oil Zeylanicum Fam : Lauraceae – Kurai ( S ) Holorheena Bark, Seed antidysentrica Fam:apocyaceac eae Whole Plant, Fruit, Seed Kantakari / Solanum AkrantiPerennial ( H ) Xanthocarpum Fam : Solanaceae

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