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Meet The Standarts

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    Having good knowledge of the codes of practice, regulations, minimum standards and national codes of practice not only helps you but also gives guidelines of what is excepted of you as your role off teaching assistant soon that you can reflect and change your support where and when needed. Codes of conduct, we have a certain dress code at school where we must look smart and casual, do not by under any circumstances take any work out side of the classroom and never talk about children in our care. Since National Occupational Standards were introduced, the role of the TA becomes professional.

    It specifies the standard of performance we need to achieve in place of work together with knowledge and understanding that we need to meet standards consistently. What it means is that we need to develop all the time in order to keep in peace with ever changing demands of the education. Also gaining Level 3 qualification gives us great opportunity to progress to the foundation degree. Teaching assistants should have qualities like: to be good communicators, use initiative, be a good listener, respect infallibility, have emotional intelligence, be consistent, have sense of humor will undertake CPA.

    Ref. 1 Practitioners should reflect on their practice in order to achieve good results in professional development. Being reflective: Demonstrates that practitioners are actively concerned about the aims. Enables practitioners to monitor, evaluate and revise their own practice continuously Requires an ability to look carefully at practice in order to develop new skills and understanding Requires an open-minded attitude not only does it help you understand what went well UT also help you improve on areas that didn’t go well.

    It is good to reflect on your practice as you are there to help and give the best support you can to the children plus whilst working in a school the curriculum. Reflecting on my practice is important as I then can reflect and review not only the things that went not to plan but also the things that did go well. Setting goals and targets is also important as not only do they improve my performance but they also reflect on the progress of the children I work with.

    Not only does it relate to me UT also to my professional development if there are things which have been observed that I am not doing correct or could of done better I then have the opportunity to change them. Having clear and open communication with my line manager means that I can discuss any changes that need to be implemented, having personal development meetings will enhance me as a teaching assistant therefore allowing me take control of what I do and I will be more confident to carry out my role to provide the best possible support for the children I work with.

    SMART. S specific relevant to my job role M measurable be able to measure if the target set is a realistic target. An achievable the target should not be too difficult or inaccessible R realistic you should make sure that you have access to the training or resources required T time that you should reach your target, priority. Can reflect on my practice most of the time do it automatically knowing that shouldn’t just concentrate on what I thought went well but also think about how I can improve on the areas that didn’t go as well.

    I think we do automatically reflect on our practice without even thinking about it we are always thinking of owe we can improve. In march 2015 1 had a personal review with my team leader and I have already changed the way I work I have hit one to of my targets already which I thought I couldn’t so now plan and record all my own work at school. Ref 2. 3 Your own values, beliefs and experience can affect your working practice, some teachers, teaching assistants and parents may not have the same values or beliefs as you it is down to choice as a teaching assistant we are there to support the children and respect their own beliefs.

    I think you do take into consideration f these but as well as your own but you cannot discriminate you cannot discriminate you need to be able to be professional at all times. After all we are there to support the children and sometimes our beliefs and values may differ but we cannot enforce them onto the children. Ref 5. 2, 5. 3. Evaluating how learning activities effect my practice is a positive because it does make you more aware of activities have gone and what else could have been done so that you are able to reach and support the children to the best of your ability.

    I evaluate my own practice and change it accordingly. Eave had an activity which had different children with different abilities which didn’t go as well as I thought it was suitable for all the children. It didn’t go well so took a step back and released what went wrong I had a mixed ability group and realized that some of the lower ability children struggled with reading so the next session changed the groupings it worked a lot better and I got better results and the children felt more relaxed and more confident in their own ability.

    The results showed where had gone wrong and by reviewing it I was able to adjust it. I also hint that reflecting on my own practice not only helps me but the children work with I am there to help and support the children so if I have to reflect and change my practice it benefits the children’s learning. I record not only the children’s progress by filling in feedback sheets which I then give back to the teacher I fill in reading grids dated I also will go to my line leader to see if I am infect doing my work to my best ability.

    Conclusion. Having the codes of practice regulations minimum standards and national occupational standards in place are there to help us as teaching assistants so hat we do the best we can for the children in our care. Reflecting on our own personal practice is also important as we can then go do training on areas of weakness adapt our teaching styles to be able to teach the children to our best abilities.

    Also you will gain in confidence and will become more effective in your role. It is important to take time out and think about how you are working we do have a professional duty to consider how we impact on children’s learning. You also do also need self-reflection as you might be surprised that it’s not all about the things that go wrong but the positive outcomes too.

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