“The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom

Most people believe that life ends after death, but what people don’t know is that death is a new beginning. The novel “The five people you meet in heaven” by Mitch Albom proves that. Eddie lived a peaceful life after the war. But Eddie still felt his life had no purpose after marguerite passed away. Eddie was also the second generation of family to work at the pier. When Eddie passed away, saving a little girl, on his eighty-third birthday, he discovers a second life. On his way through heaven Eddie will learn three of the most valuable lessons in life. “Lost love is still love”, “no sacrifice is too small”, and “all lives are connected”.

“Lost love is still love” is one of the valuable lessons learned by Eddie. Eddie learned this from his fourth stop in heaven and meets marguerite, his wife for many years. Marguerite passed away to cancer at the age of forty. Eddie always loved the way marguerite threw parties for his birthday with the kids from the pier. Eddie never lost his love for Marguerite. Eddie spent his time loving and cuddling marguerite. The way I connect to this is in grade two my great grandpa passed away. I still miss him and wish I could hear some his stories now that I could understand what he was talking about.

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“No sacrifice is too small” is a lesson learned by Eddie at his second stop in heaven with the captain. Eddie lost all contact with the people from the war. Eddie was captured by Philippine’s and kept in a cell and forced to mine coal to help the Philippine’s win the war. The captain uses his example of going to scout ahead around a corner when he steps on a land mine. The way I relate to this is very unpractical but still had a use to my situation. I was playing air soft and sacrifice myself by going and scouting ahead and I ended up setting off a claymore and interrupted the ambush and my team was able to eliminate the other team and win.

“All lives are connected” is a lesson learned by Eddie when he meets the blue man. Eddie is playing baseball with his friends when the ball crosses the road and Eddie runs to get it and cuts off a vehicle, who has to swerve and crashes, to grab the baseball. The blue man was blue from overdosing silver nitrate which turned him blue. When Eddie went to heaven he was confused and didn’t know who the blue man was. The way I connect to this is when I was playing baseball and I hit the ball over my fence and ran to get it and cut a car off and it slammed on the breaks and just about rolled.

Overall the novel “the five people you meet in heaven” teaches many great lessons to its readers. The three most important lessons are “Lost love is still love”, “No sacrifice is too small”, and “All lives are connected”. The part about the story that I liked the most was when Eddie went to the captain in heaven and brought back the memories about the war. In the end, the novel taught me that heaven isn’t all what you think it is.

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