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Explain how membership of intergovernmental organizations gives some countries political and economic power. (10) Being a member of intergovernmental organizations does give some countries political and economic power. Like figure 4 shows, the USA Is part of many Intergovernmental organizations and they have the status of a superpower showing there are clear benefits of being a part of Gigs.

However, some may argue that Mounties such as China and India are rolling In both political and economic power yet Like figure 4 shows, they are barely part of the leading Gigs. Therefore, membership of Intergovernmental organizations does give some countries political and economic benefits but there is evidence to show that not being apart of an GIG still allows for development in a countries wealth and political stance.

Economically, being a part of the World Trade Organization like many leading overpowers are (for example, the UK and the USA) does allow for these leading countries to have influence in trade decisions. This means that they can benefit economic decisions to suit themselves. For example, the USA can exploit Lad’s such as Bangladesh by taking more imports for a less expensive price. Furthermore, being a member of the International Monetary Fund means that countries have the voting power to influence the economic policies of other countries.

Thus these countries can rate friendly policies towards Tins that are based in their own country, greatly benefiting their own wealth. Additionally, being apart of the EX. and NATO in which many of the countries that are part of many Gigs are part of have trade blocs which can cater for the protection of key markets and still help intraregional trade. Therefore it does seem that economic power of a country does improve with the help of being a part of Gigs such as the World Trade Organization. Politically.

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