Business Organisations

Serious problems about various conditions for workers employed along the supermarket chains in the U. K. Working and payment can be negatively affected as different supermarkets endure goods at a low price rate or divert in terms of cheaper products. Over the years Tesco have been campaigning and opening shops everywhere. It is has a concern on the community in a way that it is becoming a nuisance for them every corner now has a Tesco posted outside it. It is Inflating too much and the people are complaining and trying to protest but there ideas and comments are ignored.

Describe how two businesses are organized. All Businesses have to be organized in whatever they do; having a clear structure makes it much easier to see what part of the business does what. Organizations establish ways to meet their area of needs to the customers. So that’s why it is highly important not to choose the wrong structure because it will expose you to unnecessary costs and risks. The Businesses can be structured in various ways:

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  • By Product: This area is when the business is being structured according to the different roles of each section.
  • By Process: Where the products have been extracted the arranged form it carries out. And the different stages the products go through.
  • By Area: This is where the business is structured according to its geographical position.
  • By Function: This is when the business is focused on the different roles of each sector.
  • By Customer: Where the business is mainly focused on the customer needs and how the customers are approached. Businesses can also be described by having flat or tall structures depending on the levels of their hierarchy.

With Tesco since it is a private limited company, management responsibilities commonly fall on the shareholders because they have shares in the company and also they can replace the board of directors. Every year their is an annual meeting about the progress of the business. In debt or liability lies in the hands of the shareholders so in that case the responsibilities are on them.

A general public limited company Sainsbury’s consist of different people in the organization decision makings are said by the shareholders of the company any profit or losses is their responsibility. In this criteria Sainsbury’s have a clear structure as it can represent as a flat structure. Sainsbury’s is describable as a business structured by its functions. This is the basic structure of Sainsbury’s.


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