Mentor Who Supports My Goals

Keeping it in mind that the end goal is to be a successful student at Walden University who must be trained, preserving, capable, and genuine. These qualities are exceptionally significant and ought to be cherished by undergraduate studies. Sometime in the future, sooner than later, these qualities will give them achievement. To be successful in achieving your goals is to focus and to keep up your studies throughout the years. I trust that an instruction is essential to be fruitful.

Today, I am taking steps towards my BA in elementary education and I am more confident about my educational journey than I was about two weeks ago. When I first had the idea about attending school online, I had mixed feelings. I factored my age, my daily task as a mother of three with a daughter who had just graduated high school in 2018, a son who is in 8th grade and another son who is in preschool, and it all seemed impossible. Then after I took the first step and made a phone call and was connected to someone on the Enrollment Team, she made it all to be so simple. I can still remember her asking me two questions, “Is this something that your really want to do?”, and “If not now then when”.

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My enthusiasm increases each week in the course. Walden University has given me great tools and services throughout my course. I was ordered to start out off with using Student Readiness Orientation (SRO), which was a step-by-step process of the way to navigate through the classrooms, and to find all student services that I would need. I was also given the opportunity to speak with an Academic Advisor to assist me into registering for my new term classes.

I have discovered that I am exceptionally skillful with a PC. Knowing about my qualities and learning about my computer skills, it will serve me well as I continue my education. To be honest, this is my first online class. I am excited and searching forward to require more online classes. My experience of my first class so far is interesting and it has been nothing but positive attitudes towards one another. I also thought that the course was extremely helpful and hopefully as I continue my journey through Walden, I am looking forward to be successful.

Success is the key to many things throughout my life and one of them is to obtain my BA degree in elementary education. No matter how many curve balls I get thrown at me, I will not give up and I will succeed. What makes me believe in success because I always wanted to say that I did something once in my life. This belief has enriched my life because of course; one day I made a promise to myself that I was going to be successful. And this is why I will not walk away empty-handed.

The way that I will help myself is by pushing myself and telling myself that “I will succeed”. As long as I stay on top of my assignments and push my way through, I will reach my goal. The way that Walden University will help me through my path is to guide me through my journey. There are many support services and very useful through my program. The only way to realize positive change in my life is by making choices.

I am fortunate to already have a Walden graduate by my side as my mentor who supports my goals. He had graduated from Walden three years ago and he has encouraged me to look at Walden whenever I had mentioned that I was looking for a school to earn my degree. Having someone who knows the inner works of the University and has been a great resource this far and I expect that he will be a great help if I would need any help in the future. He has been asking me how my class is going and fully supports my educational goals. Someday, I will be able to provide the same kind of support and knowledge to another student and help him/her along their path.

An old high school teacher once said, “Setting a goal in life is not the main thing. It is how you will decide where to go with it and how you will achieve it”. Til this day, he is still teaching at the high school. By writing this paper, I have laid out the necessary framework for having a solid plan that will lead me to success as a student at Walden. By making use of all available resources, student support center, and my mentor will help me ensure that I stay on track. Working with my academic advisor, she will also keep me on the right path to complete my courses and work forwards to my degree. Today, I promise to help myself achieve my goal by doing whatever it takes to accomplish my goal. I will keep using the services that were provided to me by Walden University to become successful.

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