Entrepreneurship: The Role Of Mentor

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In our sincere quest to teach people mysteries and principles that guides a particular system be it business, investment, entrepreneur, love, relationships, marketing, academia and so on. Most times we conciously or unconsciously leave out the place of true follow up and supervised mentorship. You have showed them the principles and then you are gone. You think that’s how men just get sense and do the right thing?

That’s why most times I don’t like going for programs. It is not that they are bad but most times, they only stir up hunger in people and passion that lasts for few weeks, they don’t help them convert the stirred hunger to effective and immediate action! Let people act not just listen! Why do we have countless programs and summits, yet we have less result from the attendees. The equation is not yet complete. You don’t just serve people meal, see to it that they eat it and let them cook one for you! Let them get into action before you leave. The act of no sense in our presence world is too thick to allow men just change because of your 2-3hours talk on whatever.

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The system has been more thickened. Coin out a system of one on one strict follow up and compulsory mentorship. If it is only 10 people that will be served the mystery and they will replicate themselves, it is better than having 100 in a program and in no time, the hunger died, no action and they are back to zero!

I am a serious result freak person. As much as I waste time, yet I don’t spend my time on what I can’t see as a perpetual result. That’s why I prefer sleeping than going up and down when I know the only thing that will be served is talk! We don’t need your talk sir! We are tired! If truly you want to build people, then show them the dynamics(number 1), then make sure no one leaves unless he has been consumed by spontaneous action of the dynamics!

By then, men will be adequately equipped and built! Be intentional about one on one follow up and supervised mentorship. If it doesn’t seem possible, don’t go for crowd, pick few guys! Be intentional to build the few. I can tell you, a man is a nation! I can tell you how many stuffs I have gone for that today I can’t find my bearing in them! Why, because our passion was just triggered, and our eyes opened to the working principles. Yet! In time, we lost them because those that served us thought because of the hours they have spent with us, then we should have been skilled enough to get ourselves into action.

Don’t say people you people can do it on your own because of few hours of lecture, let them practice it and proof that you have impact knowledge and skills. Strictly follow them up and make sure they reproduce. You must make sure men reproduce! Not just talk to them and show them chronicles! Summits and programs should target very FEW people and deposit all their lives to them not crowd!

Am not against the equipping and the sacrifices put in place to inform men about what they don’t know about a particular system. Yet, we have had enough negative value in the differences between our input and the output(result) that people show forth! See, target just the serious ones.

The ones that are not coming for your food and drinks. Those that ARE SERIOUS about that business, entrepreneur, programming, initiative and so on and mean business to make sure when they leave, they will truly be an embodiment of what you have schooled them!

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