Micro And Macro Environment Analysis Of Disneyland Tourism

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Upon reexamine the Disneyland operation in different parts that appear many chances and challenges, which are confronting to Disneyland. Since the major challenge is cultural clang in different countries that vary from part to part, which together with the jobs of Disneyland ‘s standardisation construction.

In the yesteryear, Disneyland has trouble when covering with the employees in 2006 of Hong Kong Disney that led to high degree of choler among disgruntled. The top direction in Disneyland attempts to get by with cultural in abroad to work out the jobs of struggles between the employers and employees towards.

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On the other manus, Disneyland tries every mean to accommodate more to the local environment in order to ease the local clients ‘ demands and wants.

The Walt Disney Company is in the amusement industry that is be givening to distribute more globally throughout the universe.

History and Company Background of Disneyland

The Walt Disney Theme Park was founded over 80 old ages that the first Disneyland is lunched in USA, which is traveling to spread out to new districts that go farther to market globalisation in cosmopolitan. There is entire 11 subject park in worldwide that contain Paris, Tokyo, Honk Kong and Shanghai in future. ( DISNEY, 2010 )

Mission of Disneyland

That is to present choice amusement experience to all ages with the messages “ Dream come true ” and concentrate on the “ Imagineering ” that focus to supply and make charming hours to all invitees and visitants.

Context Analysis

This will travel on to analysis the selling environment that consists of micro-environment and macro-environment. The micro-environment concerns the internal factors impacting The Walt Disney Company whereas the macro-environment concerns the external factors that can impact the micro-environment ( Kolter, Bowen & A ; Makens, 2006 ) .

SWOT Analysis of Walt Disney Company

There are four things an organisation should see and analyse during assorted phases throughout the financial twelvemonth that are important to maintaining up with the competition and giving a comparatively accurate position on placement. The SWOT analysis helps an organisation understand the current and possible environment for their peculiar merchandise and service ( Hair, Lamb & A ; McDaniel, 2008 ) which allow seting the selling tactics in order to assist concentrate the schemes. That is traveling to analysis and acknowledge the strengths and failings are internal contemplations, whereas the chances and menaces are external contemplations.


Walt Disney Company has developed established and good known trade name name and image over many old ages in the amusement industry, which has long history and tradition that can ease traditional values ( Datamonitor, 2007 ) .

In add-on, Disneyland has many alone functions of characters and each of it has specific and attractive faery narratives hus, Disneyland are good fiting with wide merchandise portfolio that consist of media webs, Parkss and resorts, studio amusement and consumer merchandises as different concern sections with Imagineering subdivision.


Walt Disney Company is frequent alteration in top direction degree that let to miscommunication and a high opportunity for a bureaucratism between employers and employees, which cause of high turnover rate.

Furthermore, Disneyland is chiefly focal point on standardisation that each of the subject Parkss in different part is similar except the 1 in Tokyo.

Since 1997 diminishing grosss and strong degreasing runing income – no profitable unit


The markets of today are going more various to outsourcing and globalisation. The tendency towards globalisation is non immune to the amusement concern and The Walt Disney Company is uncovering this by spread outing exterior of the United States and offering subject Parkss in France, Japan and China.


Menaces that are more prevailing in the epoch of globalisation are the Torahs and ordinances of other states. There is a demand for changeless monitoring of the differences in the Torahs of other states and the United States when organisations are outsourcing. Furthermore, the subject Parkss must run into the safety ordinances of the states in which they operate in order to remain in concern and keep their international position. Furthermore, since the civilization difference is vary from part to part that is difficult to foretell the right societal development or involvements of the mark clients.

As with any concern a chief facet of the menace analysis is the competition. The Walt Disney Company and the subject park industry are many rivals like Universal Studios. In add-on, there are many other less seeable rivals that one might non of course think of when measuring the competitory market in which Disney trades. For case, there are assorted state Parkss like H2O Parkss that can besides be considered as cheaper or more valuable competition for Disney. Competition, in any signifier, can decrease Disney ‘s market portion in the amusement industry ( Datamonitor, 2007

After analysis the external and internal environment of Walt Disney Company that has been figure out some of the jobs should be cognizant afterwards.

Key Issues

The major bing jobs confronting by The Walt Disney Company that is highlighted the subject Parkss in Paris and Hong Kong.

For the Disney of Paris has faulty or misguided during the planning of basic premises and prognosiss. Disney failed to expect the major alteration of economic system that European Recession during the Disney opened. Europe was in the center of an economic slack with fiscal job. Therefore, this reduced the buying power at this clip. The graph below illustrates the downswing in France ‘s GDP during this period ( 1992-1994 ) , ensuing in a decrease in disposable income among the Gallic population.

Furthermore, Disney did non expect the civilization differences of Europeans that incorporate with the linguistic communication and eating wonts, ab initio, banned intoxicant in the park of the universe ‘s largest vino ingestion state. The cultural misreckonings with wrong selling program of cross-cultural bloopers occurred and were widely, even joyously as the American cultural imperialism.

Many extra internal and external factors contributed to the initial failure of Euro

Disney, which are communicating spreads, increasing involvement rates, decrease in the existent estate market, operational mistakes, and high labour costs all contributed to the $ 1 billion USD entire loss.

However, many of these factors have been exhaustively analyzed throughout the old ages. Fortunately for Disney, many of these factors were corrected. By 2008, Euro Disney was able to do a net income of $ 19 million HKD.

Besides, Hong Kong Disney fails to make mark Numberss of invitee reachings and fails to derive competitory advantages that due to hapless direction that fail to encompass the importance of corporate societal duty planning in constructing up client trueness. Although Disney learned lessons and tried to avoid the same errors of cultural differences, the direction has merely focused on hazard forms instead than assessment and larning about possible opportunity and hazard.

Disney had attempted entry into the turning Chinese market prior opening in China ( Kolter & A ; Armstrong, 2006 ) . Since the publication of fairy narratives narrative books in Mandarin and creative activity of Disney character based on the Chinese traditional fable – Mulan. Therefore, Hong Kong Disneyland took the stairss to avoid the cultural clangs which happened in France, by fixing the population for the entry of Disney and enabling the designation with Disney character and constructs ( Jobber D. , 2007 ) . However, Hong Kong Disneyland admitted that the park had merely attended around 4.5 million visitants in 2008 and so on in 2009. Apart from this, there are losing money harmonizing to the gross and disbursals that shown at the holla ( HKDL, 2010 ) .

On the other manus, Tokyo Disney regarded as a great success with combined one-year attending and runing income, which is a joint venture operation theoretical account operated by Nipponese. That successful ground is non merely rely on

?-???¬a??e‡?a·±managec•?i? no cultural clang that can aˆ¦ .

As the Japanese had a great involvement in Western cultural and do love of phantasy and costume that chief visitants of this subject park are the local occupants of Japan in fact.

Despite Japan is confronting the job of aging population, the direction had set the rebuff on the turning aged population as selling scheme to cover with the job of aging population. Tokyo Disneyland offers a bargain-priced one-year base on balls for visitant who aged 60 or supra. This action originate the treatment that Disneyland is icons of amusement for kids, no affair this is the first clip a particular one-year base on balls for seniors has been available, it besides successes to take step and addressed to the senior. ( THINGSASIAN, 2008 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thingsasian.com/stories-photos/29639

After the vacillant beginnings of Euro Disney, direction rapidly learned many valuable lessons about international enlargement and acted on these lessons to develop culturally accepted and profitable subject park.

To forestall the effects of the failure that is needed learn from the pervious experiences and clear up clearly about the cardinal successful factors of pull offing planetary selling schemes.

Q1. The critical success factors in pull offing a planetary selling scheme

Business advisers therefore contend that the key to successful international selling for any business-whether a transnational corporation or a little entrepreneurial venture-is the ability to accommodate, manage, and organize an intelligent program in an unfamiliar ( and sometimes unstable ) foreign environment.

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