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Miscommunication Incident Sample

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In our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life we communicate with each other. Communication is the flow of thoughts and information from one individual to another or to a group. Effective communicating occurs when receiving system understands the exact thought and information that the transmitter has transmitted. But sometimes miscommunication occurs which is failure to pass on efficaciously and clearly. Miscommunication occurs either due to miss of concentration of receiving system. false information. barriers etcetera.

I would depict a miscommunication incident which occurred on the first twenty-four hours I landed in Canada.

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Miscommunication Incident Sample
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As I was coming from India so my Uncle would come to have me at airdrome. while giving him the inside informations of the flight some misinterpretation occurred. I was approximately to get here at 1PM on Dec’ 28 2012. I called my Uncle from India and told him about my flight Agenda. He thought that I will make at 1PM harmonizing to Indian criterion clip and made computations about the clip spread.

I reached here and after acquiring through Security Checks and Immigration. when I came out of the airdrome. I see that there was no 1 to have me. I waited there for half an hr and started believing what the ground could be. Then I called my Uncle. He said that he had waited for 2 hours and so rushed to his office. Then i realized that some misunderstanding has occurred. He so came back once more and took me place. I realized that this miscommunication occurred due to the clip spread between two states and deficiency of information delivered to the receiving system by the transmitter.

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