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The National Incident Management System

            Our experiences of domestic terrorist attacks have taught us many things - The National Incident Management System introduction. For one, it showed how the localized structures and preparedness are not sufficient to effectively and efficiently respond to actual events and threats. It showed how the involvement of agencies at various levels of government could have increased response capacity and how a national approach could have ensured a level of preparedness that is proportionate to the levels of threat that may be experienced.


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            Thus, the National Incident Management System developed standards, operating procedures or codes to enhance the different areas of incident management, i.e. principles, planning, organization, training, logistics and actual practice that have been implemented nationwide as a requisite for obtaining preparedness budgets (FEMA). The result was the formation of the Integrated Command System, Multi-Agency Support Systems as well as public information systems.

            These systems ensure the harnessing of resources from the different agencies, levels of government and stakeholders in terms of capacities, personnel, finances, logistics or technology. It also enables the smooth working relationship and coordination among these entities in jointly responding to incidents under a common framework and organizational structure (NIMS Online). This increased the quality of response to much higher levels, especially that current practices are regularly assessed in order to determine areas of further improvement.

            The use of a Unified Command structure over the single command structure allows for the participation and contribution of all concerned bodies with regards to goals, planning activities, priority setting and implementation measures (FEMA). A unified command also ensures that all areas of incident management are adequately covered and prevents overlapping of tasks that wastes time and resources and lessens capability.

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