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Education and its Greatest Role in the Development of the World

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No doubt, education play the greatest role in our life for development of world as it is the third eye of people. Mobile learning is also part of education now era due to technology. The M-learning is mostly attached with the distance’s education. Students learn things from portable applications, online resources and instruction methods for learning. It is flexible and the more adaptable way of learning methods as it is available anywhere anytime when students think they like to do.

Moreover, learners can also find online tutor for instructions of their course to easy learn and they can download their assignment’s instructions, submit their assignment on proper time. They can also participate in online activities of studies and other extracurricular activities. In addition, M-learning is also beneficial for those who is relate to business world such as sales representative that are done not waste their time in full-time study. M-education is hand held based as learners can use this portable anywhere without wasting their crucial time.

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Education and its Greatest Role in the Development of the World
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Furthermore, M-education is also beneficial for those employees that are enhance their knowledge regarding work and general knowledge in the spare time Mobile education is important for present era and future as well.

In the article ‘The Mobile learning shift’ author said that M-learning is also helpful in employee training at workplaces. There are many of software and application for training. The mobile training is rise due to the take mobile phone on the workplace. First, it is cost savings as the most of software invent over 70% cost saving like feature of product and lower cost of software. Secondly, time saving because e-learning has a feature to do work anywhere anytime and 70% m-learner have the knowledge of time management and they are more comfortable. And other reason that employee’s satisfaction is full as they learn very well for e-training. Because of these reasons it clearly indicates that M-learning is increase a lot. According to study of 2013 author said that under 95% Businessman plan for training budget and other things regarding their work. Mobile device makes learning more acceptable and corporations according to author of article because anyone can do study globally via M-learning at any place of the world.

I am supporting the author that there are some reasons which increase the demand of mobile device learning as it is the easiest way learning anything at any time. And there are lot of software application for training of workers. In spite of this, M-learning is cost effective, time-saving procedure of learn to anything. And if person have a some of leisure time then they can do their study as it is hand-based study and do their others works as well as. They save their time from up-down to any education organization. According to my opinion it is also useful for those learners who relate to under poverty level and live long distance from Education Institute.

In the second article ‘Mobile learning education has become more accessible’ Mr. Altaher said that educational benefits of employing M-learning in Teaching and learning. He said that M-learning is flexible tool which is more useful for students to learn anything as well as they do not need to look at behind the bigger screen in lecturer room. They just do it on their portable device and sending email and easily get replay from their tutor. Secondly, attractive education for those young students who have dropped out of education, they can use their Mobile devices and use gameplay methods for learning in as a fun moment. Thirdly, Use SMS procedure for get information in assignments due dates and important information about the course rather than email or letters as it the fasted way for receiving answer in emergency.

Furthermore, Author also mentioned the learning characteristics of Mobile. Mobile learning allows to the trainee to communicate firstly with the international information network. In mobile phones use network thoroughly Wireless Application Protocol service so this network is everywhere without any specific location network restrictions. As well as learner can exchange their files and messages between the learners themselves. Via SMS messages are text messages exchanged and via MMS are the files and e-books among educated exchange. This system of files does with the help of Bluetooth. This function of exchanging files is only M-learning rather than other learning. M-education is cost reduction rather than other devices. Michael study reported that students in higher education in the United States near about 82% have their own mobile phones for study and similar study found that only 12% students have their own personal devices like PCs. Other thing author mentioned that hand held based potable is much easier to carry one place to other place and on the other hand author mentioned that it is so difficult carry laptops, e-books, notebooks and other material for regarding course in bag. Moreover, mobile services especially modern one’s had the ability to access information and educational experiences is much faster than other devices. As the help of mobile learning students can provide educational experiences and materials that meet the need of problem regarding any issues. M-learning provide multilevel learning styles and it is also overcoming the problems related to traditional educations.

I agree with the author points that M-education is attractive learning style. So, this term is more beneficial for those students who has dropped their study as they do study with a fun way using gameplay. And M-education can be also key point to educated to the world as it is the cheapest way to learn every thing. In addition, WAP services is more accessible, and we can easily access information without any interruption at any place any time. The best thing which I must agree that it is hand-held based devices that is easier for carrying one place to other place and doing something in free time.

In Conclusion, M-learning has number of benefits that flexible learning experiences, most important it is cheap, easy to carry and have the ability learning anywhere anytime and proper speed of exchanging files and e-books. And it has multilevel learning styles that is overcome to the traditional way of education. In spite of this, M-education provide many of facilities like instant service radio signals, text messages, WAP and MSN services to the learners. The distance education is the main term of m-learning and students can also approach for tutor. Overall, Mobile Education is play important role in present era and it will be more beneficial in future if any learners use mobile device in limitations.


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  • American Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology. http://www.learndash.com/the-mobile-learning-shift/

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