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Role of Education in the Country’s Development and Standard of Living

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  • Pages 3
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    Education is important part of country’s development and population’s standard of living. Hence education should be affordable and available for everyone who wants to study. As far as most talented, but financially not stable youngsters are left unfortunately uneducated.

    Higher education – paid or free? Surely each of us at least once had this question coming to mind. Some people think that education should be free, others – that free education is not good. But the issue of higher education is a very topical issue in the modern world. Almost every modern man seeks higher education. To do this, he/she tries to study well at school, preparing for the final exams, chooses his future profession and university. There is no unequivocal answer to the question about paid or free higher education. Supporters of free education believe that everyone has the right to receive higher education.

    Often students whose parents pay tuition think this way: ‘I pay for tuition, so they don’t have a right to deduct me’, ‘They are obliged to put me good marks, because I paid so much money’. As a result, student does not pay enough attention to education. Such students do not think about acquiring the necessary knowledge, and aim only at obtaining a diploma.

    On the other hand, supporters of paid education believe that only education that you have to pay for can be considered as a quality education. You invest a lot of money in your studies, therefore, you must get a good education. In the opinion of this side, only paid education can be considered qualitative. What else? The money that the student pays for education goes to equipping the material and technical base to improve the learning environment. Therefore, the university benefits from having students on a fee basis.

    However, paid education should in no way and should never replace free education with itself. In the absence or small proportion of free education, the country is doomed to death. Capable people are born equally in families that are able and willing to pay for education, and in low-income families, in large families where education fees can be an unbearable burden. Also The disadvantages of paid higher education are that in such conditions, higher education is no longer a social elevator for young people, and access to it by talented, but low-income young people is very difficult.

    I would like to answer the question put in the title: education should not be paid, but paid education must exist. In order to improve the status of a diploma of higher education, it is necessary in principle to reduce the number of paid places, because today there are too many people with a diploma, but only a few have received education in the full sense of the word.

    One can argue for a long time about the justification of paid education in terms of the economy, about the fairness of an infinite number of benefits, but when will we start talking about rationality? Is it reasonable to shut off oxygen to hundreds, tens or even units of talented young doctors, lawyers, philosophers? After all, it is impossible today to go through the labyrinth of entrance tests and not be left behind the beneficiaries or wealthier ones. And I think that the task of the government is to protect the interests of all segments of the population, to make higher education more accessible not only for part of population that has financial stability, but also for the ones who have a desire and wish to study and develop.

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