Facing My Greatest Fear

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Having the courage to confront one’s fear is a difficult task. One fear that I personally had was going to the dentist. Although I was scared, I realized that receiving regular check-ups and cleanings was essential for good hygiene and personal growth. Little did I know, facing my fear of the dentist would also boost my confidence. The mere thought of visiting the dentist’s office made me anxious, and I vividly remember my past experience with the dentist ten years ago.

The dentist extracted a portion of my temporary tooth as it had been displaced by my fully grown permanent teeth. I clutched onto the dentist’s chair firmly while they injected a numbing substance into my gums and took out the tooth. My hands and knees quivered, and my sight turned hazy with shadows before losing consciousness upon rising. This occurrence intensified my dread of going to the dentist, which lingered for numerous years. Nevertheless, these past experiences ultimately facilitated my ability to confront this fear more effortlessly.

While visiting the dentist, I initially felt anxious when introduced to the different tools that would be used. However, as I became more comfortable in the chair, my fears started to fade away. The hygienist was kind enough to put a protective cover on my chest and recline the chair for extra comfort. I requested permission to use my iPod, which was allowed. In addition, there was an overhead flat screen TV playing a game show that served as a distraction and helped ease any discomfort or fear.

While the silvery tool was buzzing, I would increase the volume of my music to block out the noise. Confronting my fear was easier than expected and proved to be worthwhile. In addition to facing my fear, I also acquired knowledge on methods to relieve fear and discomfort. As a result, I now feel less anxious when visiting the dentist. Although I may initially feel uneasy, regular dental appointments gradually make me more comfortable. The sensation of conquering my biggest fear was thrilling.

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