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Greatest Challenge

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Since the third grade my challenge has been the FACT. I was determined not to let this test defeat me again. This assessment has affected me in several ways. My third grade teacher’s thoughts about me passing the FACT were not good. She made accusations, evaluations, and predictions that I had a learning disability. She believed I was withdrawn socially, basically, stating that I had no social skills.

The FACT was a challenge within its own having a teacher who was negative and had no drive in believing in me and in assisting me.

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Greatest Challenge
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This made me wonder and question myself. This assessment test the “FACT,” gave me high anxiety. It was like d©J¤ iv. The same challenge from elementary school; here again to be a pain in my life, I felt that this assessment withdraw me from having a future. I built myself up! I began using strategies to resolve my issue with the FACT. It began with reading books, tutoring, unseeing, and praying.

This test continued to test me. I failed. Failed the FACT; yes, in the tenth grade. I was devastated. Knowing that I failed the FACT saddened me and caused major depression. I came close to passing the test in eleventh grade and missed it by ten points. I was livid. This test was attempting to discourage me again from third grade; through my high school years tenth and eleventh could have stripped me from having my high school diploma. Ultimately, I focused on myself and I challenged myself, and I sacrificed myself to pass this test.

I chose to prepare myself for ACT and SAT; another test that could out weight the FACT test and place me in a neutral place of gaining my diploma. My life was hopeful’ and I was now winning again! This called for excitement. After a few attempts I passed the ACT with high numbers. I began to focus on applying to colleges. Currently, I am transition from high school graduation and becoming a college student. I am so blessed in proving the non believers that I am capable of success.

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