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Modern Technological Devices

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Modern Technological Devices Modern technology can be defined as the advancement of old technology. Back from the olden days the world has undergone great technological changes that can cause both positive and negative impacts to our lives. For me I concur that modern technological devices have made our lives easier. The first instance is easy access of information. Modern technologies like broadband internet have made it possible for us to get relevant information at any time anywhere.

Lots of data is being published and indexed online for which can be used in entertainment and research.

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Modern Technological Devices
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These sites are like Wikipedia and YouTube. Through smart gadgets like ipad, iphone, tablets, laptops one can access the internet . A user can read breaking news while travelling or even buy and sell stocks while in the bed using internet (Lin, 2012 p. 27). These gadgets make it easy to access internet and simplifies the way we get information. Second instance is that it encourages innovation and creativity.

Technology is challenging and this makes our brain to work at its full potential. In the past people had lots of capital but they did not have the information to start a certain business but through modern technological devices like laptops one can find information from the internet about the creativity of a certain business. Websites like face book, Google, twitter are product of innovation and creativity of modern technological devices. To cement my point that modern technological device makes work easier, it has improved communication.

Communication is like water to life and one cannot develop without communication. Modern communication devices like e-fax machines, electronic mail, mobile phones, video conferencing and social networking applications through computers have make our lives easier. The world is like a village, a person in USA can communicate with another person in Algeria Africa on his phone. One can communicate with his/her boss in a far office in another country by electronic mail. One can attend meetings without necessary being there literally through video conferencing on his computer.

I can easily talk to my relative oversees using a mobile phone or video chatting services like Skype. Another point that shows modern technological devices makes work easier is the convenience of transport. Through modern technology travelling is very easy especially in long distances. Long time ago we used very crude ways of travelling like walking, bicycles, carts and animals which were very slow and also tiresome. But due to technology we have very modern transportation that saves time and comfortable that has made our lives easier.

Now days it is possible to travel across continents within hours using airplanes, hundreds of kilometers using electric trains hence easy life. To add my point that technological devices have made our lives easier is improved housing and lifestyle. For instance if we compare the type of housing we used to have in 1900 and the architecture of houses today there is a very big difference. New architectural technology has improved the types of houses we build now days.

Modern houses have build such as glass houses, high storied houses with different styles. In addition they are technological automated such that their doors use finger prints and some have remote gates and doors which guarantees security. Nevertheless, some have micro cameras all over the compound and some have remote webcams which you can use to monitor what goes on at your home and due to this makes our lives easy. On the entertainment side, a lot of improvement is evident that has changed the entire industry.

With the invention of the video games and advance music and visual systems like smart televisions which connects live to internet enabling a user to share what they are watching with their friends indeed makes our lives easy (Cantoni &Stefano, 2006 p. 13). Storage and easy access of music, services like iTunes allows users to purchase and download music on their ipods easily. Because of this musicians easily sell their music via iTunes and on the other side the user can have a wide selection of which music to buy without him/her literally going to a music store.

Gifford (2012) asserts that modern technological music instruments also have enable Dj’s to play music lively in clubs. These technological devices have eased our education system. Learners can now learn from anywhere in the world through online education. One can do his /her degree, masters, doctorate or philosophy in the institution with the exception of him attending their physically. More so students use, modern technology in their classrooms in which they can share visual lessons between one another (Partridge, 2011).

It also support individual learning that gives learners chance to learn on their own with no need of tutors. According to Cantoni and Stefano (2006 p. 89), technology break through, has on the other way made our friendship grow through social networking. We disco ver our old friends as well as new friends and thus people from different places come together as one and interact together. One can also chat live with his friend at very minimal cost rather than calling on phone which is slightly expensive.

We get information of a particular place through this social networking (Pathi, 2008 p. 53). Lastly, technology has changed the health industry. Most hospitals have implemented modern technology in surgical rooms in which a lot of mistakes made by doctors have been reduced. Modern medical devices also are capable of treating patients with severe diseases. For instance cancer can be treated using a special type of machine in the radiation therapy if detected early (Hodgson, 2004).

Various health applications have been developed to enable us monitor our health and weight. These applications are also available on mobile phones so we can access them anytime of the day thus making our lives easy. In conclusion we have exhausted how modern technological devices make our lives easier. It is now our responsibility to use our technology to improve our lives as well as preserving our society and environment. Through all those points it is beyond doubtful reasons that technology has made our lives easier. References

Cantoni, Lorenzo, and Stefano Tardini. Internet. London: Routledge, 2006. Print. Gifford, Clive. Technology. New York: Scholastic, 2012. Print. Hodgson, Ernest. A textbook of modern toxicology. 3rd ed. Hoboken, N. J. : Wiley-Interscience, 2004. Print. Lin, Qiuyun. Advancement in online education: exploring the best practices. New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc, 2012. Print. Partridge, Kenneth. Social networking. New York: H. W. Wilson, 2011. Print. Pathi, Satyanarayan. Modern business communication. Mumbai [India: Himalaya Pub. House, 2008. Print.

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