Technological Innovation in Mineral Powder Briquette Machine

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Mineral powder briquette machine is widely used in iron, ore, iron oxide, slag and refractory. Powder in metallurgical industry need a mineral powder briquette machine. Most lime powder in metallurgical industry is abandoned, which causes large waste of resources. With the increasing tension of energy resources, more and more people pay attention to the utilization of lime powder in metallurgical industry.

Some institutes have been researching the problem since 2002, and Fote briquette machine is the best choice to solve the problem.mineral powder briquette machineFote mineral powder briquette machine is applied to produce all kinds of briquettes and metallurgical powder, like coal,coke, ferrous non-ferrous metal ore, iron oxide, dust, sludge and refractories. We can also design high pressure briquette machine, which can be used in black and non-ferrous metals. The raw materials can be smelted directly and their additional value is increased.The successful production of Fote mineral powder briquette machine is an innovation in comprehensive utilization of mineral powder. Due to the increasing intension of energy resources, the advanced technology of Fote mineral powder briquette machine is worth learning from for native counterparts.

Fote decreases production cost and increases utilization rate, realizing security, stability, high quality and high yield.Our technicists will plan site, design the best process and plan for free before you buying our products. And we will give you an ideal design in accordance with your specific situations. Then we will send our after-sales professionals to your factory for installation, debugging and training. We not only have refined techniques but also experienced service team. If you are interested in our mineral powder briquette machine, please contact us! Looking forward to your arrival!Please contact us:

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