History and Tourism of Montego Bay City

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The aim of this research is choose one of the resort countries in Jamaica and discourse the followers:

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  • History of the resort country.
  • Identify and explicate the type of touristry practiced in the country
  • Analyze the societal, economic and environmental impact of touristry within that country
  • Identify and explicate the function of touristry centres, board, located in that country or is at that place need for one
  • Is the location accessible by air land and sea… … ? What is the more favourable manner of transit in relates to the development of the country
  • Does the location provides the necessary support services to ease touristry in the country? ( Attraction, transit, eating houses etc. )
  • How is the resort country marketed?

Montego Bay is the resort country that has been chosen and the contents of undertaking has the information to the above inquiries.

Montego Bay History

  • Montego Bay and fort Montego Bay In the 18ThursdayCentury.
  • Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of Saint James and the 2nd metropolis in Jamaica.
  • When Columbus sailed into the country in May 1494 he was the first European visitant, he made friends with some of the local tainos, and called the bay “El Golfo” the Buen Tiempo

The Spanish began to settle in Montego Bay after 1510 in the country of the Fort and they called the bay “Bahia de mantega” because of the big qualities of pigs’

Types of Tourism in Montego Bay

Heritage touristry

  1. Rose hall Great house:

The Rose Hall community has a proud heritage. In the 1960s, the late John Rollins, one of America ‘s most successful concern enterprisers, fell in love with Jamaica and bought the original Rose Hall Plantation. The enforcing Great House regained its former glorification with an reliable architectural Restoration that includes a brilliant aggregation of trappingss and decor reflecting 18th-century Colonial manner.


  1. Craydon in the mountain

Take a trip to Croydon in the Mountain sou’-east of Montego Bay in the inside of the island for an exciting escapade as you journey into the olympian cragged state where exuberant flora, wild flowers and dribbling waterfalls await you. This working plantation nestled in the foothills of the Catadupa Mountains provides a breathtaking and bird’s-eye position of the environing countryside. It is besides the place of birth of Samuel Sharpe, one of Jamaica’s national heroes. Croydon is a prize-winning plantation and has won the desired National Champion Plantation trophy several times. While you are here sample some of the alien fruits and drinks. Taste different assortments of Ananas comosuss and citrous fruit, or nibble on a piece of sweet juicy sugar cane. Take a walk through the java Grovess while your circuits usher explains the secrets of java cultivation and processing. After such an interesting and gratifying circuit bask a delightful barbecue tiffin, served with the universe celebrated Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

craydon in the mountains.JPG

  1. Greenwood great house

Greenwood was constructed by Richard Barrett ( whose household established and owned most of the nearby town ofFalmouth The Barretts were a enormously affluent and respected household and Richard decorated his house with an array of alien hoarded wealths and furniture. Most of the original points are still in Greenwood Great House and can be seen on the circuit. One high spot is the aggregation of musical instruments and two polyphonic letters, which are fired up and demonstrated on the circuit. Other antique high spots include an extended library, oil pictures of the Barrett household and original Wedgwood China wear.


  1. Sam Shape Square

The centrepiece of downtown Montego Bay is Sam Sharpe Square. This sett town square gives visitants a snapshot of Montego Bay ‘s history. The square is lined with Georgian edifices side by side with modern constructions every bit good as memorials marking the history of the square. There is ever a batch of activity in this busy square and the side streets are pullulating with sellers selling a broad scope of merchandises.

Sightss of involvement on the square include: –

The Montego Bay Civic Centre – this is a Reconstruction of the original Montego Bay courthouse which was built in 1803 so destroyed by a fire in 1968. The edifice was reconstructed between 1999 and 2001 and now houses the Montego Bay museum,

The Cage – an old nightlong gaol for rummies, drifters and blowouts,

The fountain – a dramatis personae Fe fountain in the center of the square ‘s traffic circle. The fountain was donated by Captain J Kerr, a banana baron.

index.jpg sam sharpe square.JPG

Particular Event touristry

  1. Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

jazz and blues festival pic.JPG

  1. Reggae Sumfest

reggae sumfest.JPG

Adventure or Sport touristry

This consist of practising any athleticss or escapade activity in a rural environment. Its frequently refers to going with the end of practising athleticss activities which require a great attempt and first-class physcial status. These can include:

  • Horseback equitation
  • tubing
  • kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Golfing etc

Topographic points in Montego Bay that caters to gamble touristry and athleticss touristry:

  • Aquasol Theme Park

index.jpg aquasol theme park.JPG

  • Half Moon equestrian Centre and golf class

index.jpg half moon golf.JPGindex.jpg Half moon equestrain centre.JPG

  • Johns Hall Adventure Tours
  • The World Famous Golf Course ( a.k.a. Johnny Walker World Championship Course ) AT Grand Palladium

Eco- touristry

That signifier of touristry that involves travel and trial to comparatively undisturbed natural countries with the object of basking, admiriming and analyzing the nature ( the scenery, wild works and animate beings every bit good any cultureral facet nowadays ) fund in these countries, through a procedure which promotes preservation has a low impact on the enivironment and civilization and favors the active and sociaeconomically good engagement of local communities.

Topographic points in Montego Bay that caters to eco touristry

  • Montego Bay Marine park
  • Animal Farm

Functions of the touristry centres in Montego Bay

Tourist Centre

  • corsets openduring thecruise season
  • Among other things they help you with adjustment, Oslo Pass, rubber-necking, jaunts, booklets, metropolis motorcycle lease.

A Tourist Centre ‘s cardinal function is to advance an country and assist orient visitants to local attractive forces and concerns. But they can hold other maps as good: tourer centre play a function in commanding and filtrating visitant flows and replacing for on-site visits to environmentally sensitive countries. Centre can include infinites for community meetings and for touristry governments ‘ disposal and research. They can besides supply a site for advancing locally produced goods and a locale for local events. Centre staff can straight urge specific retail merchants and eating houses to visitants, therefore advancing extra concerns in the country. Tourist Centers can execute an extra public dealingss map, moving to better a authorities ‘s image and convincing visitants that the several bureaus are making a good occupation in pull offing the country.

The one found in Montego Bay

  • Jamaica Tourist Board

Main Function

Worldwide touristry selling and publicity for the island of Jamaica

Mission Statement

To develop and market the tourer industry so that JAMAICA remains the Prime MinisterCaribbean tourer destination”.

The Jamaica Tourist Board ( JTB ) , founded in 1955, isJamaica’s national touristry bureau with caput offices based in the capital metropolis of Kingston. The Board is to the full funded by the authorities ofJamaicaand is responsible for world-wide touristry selling and publicity for the islandofJamaica. It has as its mission the development and selling of the tourer industry so thatJamaicaremains the premierCaribbean tourer Destination. The Jamaica Tourist Board ( JTB ) , an bureau of the Ministry of Tourism, is committed to guaranting that industryinformation is available to itsaffiliates and the populace. The Tourism Information Publishing Site ( TIPS ) was established to function as the chief beginning of information on the selling and development of Jamaica as the prime Caribbean tourer finish. The JTB was originally responsible both for marketingJamaicaas a tourer finish every bit good as for merchandise development. Product development became the duty of the Tourism Product Development Company ( TPDCO ) with its constitution in the 1970s.In 1981, TPDCo was merged with the JTB.In 1993 the selling and merchandise maps were once more separated and remain so to date.However, the statutory duty for this country still resides with the Board under the Tourist Board Act.

Handiness of the location

By sea: Montego Bay Port


It was said by Davon Crump, president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Last twelvemonth saw a diminution of sail ship reachings in Montego Bay mostly due to the restored Falmouth Pier and its consequent improved substructure and tourer attractive forces in that area”

By Air: : : : : : : : : : : Sangster Airport

Upon reaching at Montego Bay ‘s Sangster International Airport, visitants to the island are frequently surprised to happen it ‘s a modern, up-to-date airdrome. And, why non? Montego Bay ( nicknamed “ MoBay ” by locals and visitants likewise ) is a metropolis of about 135,000 people, but it has more than 1,750,000 arriving visitants each twelvemonth — and the bulk of those fly into this hustling airdrome. It ‘s Jamaica ‘s primary airdrome for geting tourers from all over the universe.

Visitors arrived by air and sea hit a record of3.07million in2011

Jamaica Cruise Passengers reachings in2011and2010Jan – Dec

  • 2011 – 1,125,481
  • 2010 – 909.619

The port of Montego Bay accounted for:

250, 491Passengers in2011

Support services provided in Montego Bay

The resort country of Montego Bay as the following support services to ease touristry in the country. Such as:

Attractions: Aquasol subject park, the carnal farm, greenwood great house, physicians cave beach, Mobay undersea Tourss, margataville Caribbean saloon and grill, dolphin cove, chukker, Sam Sharpe square, trade markets, shopping centres and much more…

Transportation system: Knutsford express, maxi Tourss, J Cal Tourss, Island Hoppers, Juta tours Montego Bay, the Sir Donald Sangster international airdrome etc.

Restaurants:Blue round, port cavity, pelican, oxeye daisies, the brewery, fast nutrient topographic points etc.

Adjustments: Doctors cave beach hotel, secrets wild orchid, palm position guest house, half Moon, iberostar, casa Blanca, zephyr etc.

There are besides legion infirmary, Bankss, and constabularies Stationss located in the country.

How is the resort country marketed?

The resort country is marketed by the followers:

  1. The Jamaica tourer board
  2. The Montego Bay chamber of commercialism
  3. Ruder Finn
  4. Web sites ( www.visitjamaica.com, www.twitter.com/visitjamaicanow, www.islandbuzzjamaica.com and www.youtube.com/aboutjamaicajtb
  5. Booklets
  6. Media ( newspapers, telecasting and wireless

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