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Movie Review of Nanny Diaries Essay

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Movie Review of Nanny DiariesThe society’s appreciation of the nanny profession is overwhelmingly increasing as attested by parents and their children as well as the growing number of people who want to be a part of this community.

The best-seller book-turned-movie Nanny Diaries pictured however the gloomy side of this field as the profession sometimes creates dishonor and dismay. Whatever the flaws, the movie’s positive morale was able to inflict that one can never use money to achieve happiness and that there is a true enjoyable and rewarding pleasure and fulfillment in having your children raise by yourself as they are not forever young.

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Movie Review of Nanny Diaries
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Directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, Nanny Diaries featured new college graduate Annie Braddock (Scarlett Johansson), who in her battle with herself and her place in this world, accidentally turned into a nanny of four-year-old ward. The movie chronicled how the naive Annie survived the authoritative couple Mrs.

X (Paul Giamatti) and Mr.

X (Laura Linney) and her flirts with a Harvard student and neighbor’s son (Chris Evans) who routinely catches her at her most compromised moments. These events in Annie’s life were somehow captured with the use of hidden nanny cam, which is although good for a laugh, sent a strong message as well.The movie presented that however veteran a nanny is, she would still be exposed and eventually affected and depressed by the many problems which accompany the profession.

  Although the movie did not totally manifest the depressing factor that nannies were portrayed as hating their jobs and the people in their care, it nonetheless pictured the hardships of having employers such as the X couple. Not only did Annie has to endure the advances of Mr. X, she also has to deal with the heartless Mrs. X.

The nanny’s journey progresses with the moral principle of having her also act as surrogate mother to a child, Grayer, but as personal assistant, secretary, and general slave to Mrs. X herself. This practice and treatment to a nanny highlighted the the ethical issue of not giving dignity to the nanny profession which is a total conflict to one’s and the society’s beliefs.Annie’s conflicts recognized that boundaries are being stepped upon, but she needs the money and eventually succumbed because she soon sees that Grayer is an innocent victim of his own parents’ games and ineptitude.

Despite the hardships, the nanny stayed with her ward and provided him with exactly what he as a four year old needs: structure, discipline, and above all, unconditional love. Unfortunately, when her employer’s marriage starts falling apart, Annie was caught in the middle but was later disposed of just like a piece of garbage, just like other servants are disposed of, and with no regard to how this will affect the child. Annie eventually chose her path in life, or at least her next step, as well as finding potential love with a boyfriend referenced as Harvard Hottie.The ethical conflict of the movie was evident because the X’s, who have more money than they know what to do with, yet have in their employ a professional problem solver, or “problem consultant”, and a woman whose sole purpose is to take care and coach Grayer for interviews for fancy private schools.

These professionals called nannys do exactly what they are paid to do which is to stroke the egos of the people who pay for their services. Unfortunately and obviously, this is just what oftentimes the employers want – to take responsibility for their own inadequate parenting skills.The society and the parents could not afford to be delinquent in their responsibility to provide the very best care for the children. Despite, the financial pressures requiring a dual income or in view of the marital problem of divorce divorce resulting to increase in the number of single parents caring for their children, all ethical considerations must be for the protection and development of the children.

It is very advantageous and helpful for those parents who can afford a nanny as this represents the best solution. Children can be cared for within the familiar surroundings of their home because of the presence of a nanny who can address children’s needs on an individual basis. The powerful position of a nanny must also be taken into consideration in implementing parental goals and be a model for the family’s values. Finally, a nanny’s capabilities and positive effects to the child’ development could not be gauged nor quantified thus her importance and contribution to the society.

ReferenceMcClure, R. The Nanny Diaries Movie Review. About.com: Child Care.

Retrieve January 21, 2008 from http://childcare.about.com/od/childcareprovider/gr/nannydiaries.htm.

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