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Frozen Movie Review

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Anna means a prince and they fall in “love,” so they ask Elsa for her blessing to marry and Elsa denies it. Anna makes a big deal about it and Elsa accidently uses her powers and freezes the whole city and runs off to the mountains. Anna goes to find her and save the day but during this Anna gets ice on her heart and has to find love to unfreeze it. The power of sisterly love unfreezes Anna’s heart and Elsa learns how to use her powers correctly.

The city is now unfrozen and the girls keep the castle open and live happily ever after.

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Frozen Movie Review
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Frozen takes place in two different locations, the first being Arendelle and the second being in a distant mountain range. Arendelle is a rich far away kingdom where a king and queen rule over the city. Arendelle is very upbeat, colorful and fun. Whenever they are setting up for the coronation it’s like the fair; there is dancing, singing and excitement.

Everyone is so excited because the gates ave been closed for years, because of Elsa’s powers, and for this one day theyre open.

The mountain range is dark, cold and icy. As Elsa beings walking up there she’s using her power to create a majestic castle made from ice. The entire castle is centered on the hexagonal snowflake. The first room has a beautiful frozen ice fountain, two curving staircases along the sides which join together on a platform above and across from the entrance. Another curving staircase branches off from the platform up into the “heart” f the castle.

This is the room with a grand ice chandelier and Elsa’s snowflake and with double doors which open to a round balcony. In the “heart” of the ice palace the floor and walls change color to match Elsa’s emotions, much like a mood ring. The sanguine Anna pairs up with the Kristoff the mountain man and his reindeer Sven in a journey, encountering winter conditions, mystical trolls and an entertaining snowman named Olaf in a hunt to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers froze Arendelle in an eternal winter.

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