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Review of the Movie “The New Eve”

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The first movie we viewed in Sociology with Professor Erbes is “The New Eve”. The New Eve is a video study about finding our beginning, and saying where we as a people came from as far as where we first began. After viewing this video it has made it even harder to believe what one believes as far as how we all started. One can believe in the infamous boom theory that says an asteroid hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs and human genes were created from the mass and we evolved from that.

Another belief is that we were all created from mud by God and life was breathed into one man and he ruled the land alone, yet when the man grew tired of being alone God put him to sleep and created woman from one of the man’s rib, then the man and woman populated the world themselves and this is how it is believed that we are all related.

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Review of the Movie “The New Eve”
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Every myth or belief of how mankind all concludes that we are all related and basically come from the same place whether it is by a big giant boom from space or a creation from the almighty. I will be identifying and discussing three main points from the video “The New Eve”; first point is that the first humans were hunter-gatherers next point is, then next point is about the existence of Neanderthals before humans, and the last point is about the most incredible migration. (250)
The first point is that the first humans were hunter-gatherers. I agree with this point because they passed this trait on to all humans down the way because even to this day we still are hunter-gatherers in our own way. We do it in every activity during our daily lives; we hunt for jobs, companions, friendships, and homes. As for gathering we do this act with our families, our coworkers at work when theirs an issue or an important matter, we do this act in school when we have assignments our study groups for class. So this act really does keep and keep in its own way in our daily lives and we do pass this on to our children and our children’s children and so far.

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